5 Effective Remedies To Brighten Dull Skin

Dull skin is one of the most common skin complaints. With regular exposure to the sun and the natural aging process, the skin becomes dull and lifeless. You may wash your face twice a day, applying a basic moisturiser after that, thinking your skincare regime is covered, you can’t be further from the truth. Lifeless, dull complexion makes a person listless and unattractive. Medical Director, Dr Siew Tuck Wah explains why your skin lack the radiant glow and shares some insights on how you can get the glow back in your skin in no time.

What Is Dull Skin?

Dull skin looks patchy, greyish, and lacks a healthy glow. Why do people get dull skin?

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SMOKING It is one of the main culprits responsible for making your skin look dull and lifeless. It does not only contribute to a long list of health problems in the long term, it also makes a person look unattractive. Smokers generally have dull skin because smoking constricts blood flow and reduces blood circulation in your body. It also deprives your body from retaining nutrients like Vitamin C – which is a key component for sun protection.

AGING This inevitable natural process causes your blood circulation to slow down, blood capillaries become fewer, collagen production decreases over time. Your skin is no longer supple, elastic and dewy.

ENVIRONMENT Constant exposure to the harsh environment has a huge impact on your skin. When it is hot and humid outside, you will be prone to acne breakouts, clogged and oily skin. If this is not well taken care of, you will end up suffering from red, angry acne and if they don’t heal well, you will get scars and they may turn dark over time. Regular exposure to the sun without sufficient sunscreen will also damage your skin.

LACK OF SLEEP They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. Your body needs to rest to repair itself. “Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. When else can you expect your body to repair itself if it was protecting you from the external environment and weather the whole day?” says Dr. Siew. One late night can have visible negative effects on your skin. You will notice dark eye circles and acne forming just with one late night.

How To Prevent Dull Skin and Achieve Brighter Complexion?

DRINK UP “It is very important to hydrate yourself. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.” says Dr. Siew. In such hot and humid weather, you tend to lose a lot of water though perspiration. Water is required to keep your skin firm and supple. Water is also an important carrier to transport nutrients to all parts of your body so that you stay healthy and keep your skin looking young and fresh.

EXFOLIATE One of the main reasons why your skin is dull is because of the top layers of dead skin cells. Dead and dry skin need to be gently exfoliated to reveal new layer of fresh, bright skin beneath it. Exfoliating the dead skin away also allows your skincare products to absorb better into the skin. “Exfoliation is tricky. Too hard, you will scratch yourself, leaving it red and sore. Too soft, you will not be effectively remove the dead skin. Go to a doctor once a month to exfoliate the skin. You can either choose a chemical peel or a gentle relaxing medi-facial and remove the dead skin cells gently, yet effectively.” said Dr. Siew.

LaseMD Radium Medical Aesthetics

LASEMD is a great skin perfecting treatment which brightens dull complexions and clears pigmentation

“For the more adventurous people, you can consider an advanced Korean laser technology called LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser. This powerful, yet gentle laser treatment employs a fractional thallium laser to destroy pigmentation at its roots and removes dead skin cells.”, he added.

The end result? Skin brightening and anti-aging effects can be seen after one treatment.

SKIN CARE Incorporate a good skin care regime which whitening actives and adequate environmental protection. A whitening serum such as Radium Skin Afterglow Radiance Perfecting Concentrate will help reduce melanin deposits in your skin, and a good broad spectrum sunblock will help prevent UV damage.

SLEEP MORE Get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day. This effective solution doesn’t cost anything to make you look fresher. Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping anyway? I know I do.

EAT WELL You are what you eat. Eat more foods that are high in vitamin C such as kiwi, oranges, kale, guava, broccoli, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas and papaya. Vitamin C is known to encourage collagen growth and it helps to decrease the effects of the sun on your skin and prevent further damage.

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