5 Tips To Choosing The Right Aesthetic Clinic For You

Medical Aesthetic Clinic: How To Choose One?

A seemingly harmless botox and filler treatment could turn into a disaster for someone who wants to undergo a convenient anti-aging treatment with minimal downtime. “In the last few years of my practice, I have seen a fair share of medical aesthetic treatments gone wrong.” says Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics. “On one hand, I see so many cases of frozen and overly-filled faces. At the other end of the spectrum, I see people complaining that they paid so much but don’t see any visible, long-lasting results.”

The desire to look better is amongst both men and women is fuelling a huge rise in the number of medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore. With the rise in the number of medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, consumers like yourselves are spoilt for choice. How do you then decide which clinic is able to cater to your specific need and determine which doctor is experienced in the treatment you are interested in?

Dr. Siew shares with us some tips on how to choose a suitable aesthetic clinic so that you can set your mind at ease knowing that you are in good hands.

Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Quote

With more than a hundred aesthetic clinics in Singapore, you may think that it is a good idea to compare prices and settle for the doctor with the lowest quote.

“Going for a medical aesthetic treatment is not the same as buying a piece of furniture or personal electronics, for example.” says Dr. Siew. “The price of the exact product can differ by a few dollars or more, if there is an in-store discount. However, a premium is usually charged for doctors who have several years of experience under his belt. You pay more for his experience and his skills for delivering visible, yet natural, long-lasting results.”

As the saying goes “Buy cheap, buy twice“. If you settle for a treatment that is cheaper at another aesthetic clinic, you may have to repeat the treatment again sooner than expected because of insufficient amounts or inferior products that are administered during the treatment.

Remember that a good aesthetic treatment outcome is highly dependent on the doctor’s ability to appreciate beauty and his skills in making minimal changes to bring out the best in you using only quality products.

Ask To See Before and After Photos

Never be afraid to ask the doctor for some before and after pictures from previous clients. This will give you a good gauge of the doctor’s level of competence. Never rely on the images you see on the website as those are mostly stock images.

Keep an open mind, but you should also know that individual results may vary. The doctor probably chose photos with the best outcome for your reference so you may not achieve the same outcome as what you see in the picture. However, you can be sure that he will do the best for you to achieve similar results if you see visible improvements in those photos.

Don’t Compromise Your Time with the Doctor

Aesthetic treatments are not cheap. You should find a doctor who is patient enough to listen to your problems and  answer whatever questions or doubts that you may have. Don’t be afraid to share with him your fears, your needs and what you want to achieve from the treatment. Make sure that he is patient enough to understand your concerns. A good aesthetic doctor should make you feel comfortable, understand areas you want to improve, and propose solutions that you are comfortable with. A good aesthetic doctor should not over-promise results but give you a realistic treatment plan for the best outcome.

Word-Of-Mouth Recommendation

Word-of-mouth recommendation remains the most reliable and credible source of feedback about the doctor. Ask people you know and trust about their first-hand experience with the doctor. Most people are more than willing to share their experiences with you. Other than listening to their testimonials, they are also a living proof of whether there is any visible improvement after undergoing the treatments. Ask them if they are happy with the overall experience with the doctor and if they are satisfied, you can rest assured that your experience will be pretty similar.

Giving Back To Society

How do you choose one clinic over another if most clinics offer largely similar services?

Other than comparing prices (refer to the first point) and reputation of the aesthetic clinic, another great determining factor is to patronise a clinic that improves lives and their businesses at the same time. The focus can include contributions of time and money to the charity of their choice. Socially responsible companies ensure that social responsibility can be effectively coupled with sound business strategies to advance goodwill for the charity of choice, while building sustainable businesses.

Radium Medical Aesthetics is unique because Dr. Siew organises regular campaigns to raise funds for SOSD, a local animal welfare charity in Singapore. For the uninitiated, Dr. Siew is also the first and current President of SOSD. He has worked with government agencies to make legislative changes to improve the welfare of animals in Singapore. To date, Radium Medical Aesthetics has raised more than $5,000 for SOSD, despite being a very new aesthetic clinic.

You probably can’t go wrong with seeing a big-hearted, generous, and earnest doctor, can you?

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  1. I love that you suggested asking for actual pictures of the before and after photos of the clients to gauge the quality of their service. My aunt has been wanting to undergo breast tightening procedure. She started having saggy breasts after having two babies, and it decreased her self-esteem since then. So thanks for the tips. These will be extremely helpful for my aunt.

  2. I agree that one should seek out recommendations before choosing a clinic, as it can help you find a doctor that is perfect for your needs. Recently, I’ve actually been looking for a good clinic, so these tips will really help me out. Thanks for all the great tips on how to choose a great clinic.

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