Acne Scar Removal and Effective Treatments in Singapore

It is estimated that about 80 percent of teenagers and young adults up to 30 years old experience acne at some point in their lives. A more severe form of acne, called cystic acne affects many people as well. Acne is often caused by fluctuations in hormone levels that lead to an increase in sebum production.

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As teenagers, finding a medical cure for your acne woes may not be one of your priorities. Besides, medical treatments are often expensive and young adults cannot afford them. 

Cystic acne, when left on their own, will heal but may sometimes manifest as little depressions on the skin. If you have acne scars, you probably learned the hard way that these acne scars are permanent and you can’t do much about it.

Acne scars: Why do they form?

Acne is characterized by skin redness and inflammation caused by clogged hair follicles accumulated with excess sebum, P. acnes bacteria, and dead skin cells. 

The more severe the inflammation, the deeper the infection and the worse the scarring may be. This means that there is a higher chance of suffering from Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH), a form of skin discolouration and scarring of the skin.

If left untreated, they may disappear on its own after 6 to 8 months. The more melanin in your skin, the longer PIH tend to last.

When the skin heals on its own after the inflammation, the body repairs itself by generating collagen. Too much of it may cause raised scars, or better known as keloids. Too little of it cause depressed scars. Picking your pimples can also aggravate the skin condition.

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Types of acne scars

ICE PICK SCARS occur because of the lack of collagen production which creates a depression on the skin. They appear as deep-pitted scars with a narrow opening. They are called ice pick scars because they look as if the skin has been pierced by an ice pick or a sharp object.

BOXCAR SCARS are often deep and wide. They form deep craters and are rounder and have a more regular, defined shape.

boxcar scar

ROLLING SCARS are ill-defined depression on the skin with wavy, shallow indentation across an entire patch of the face, usually on the lateral sides of the face.

rolling scar

How to treat acne scars in Singapore?

Dermatologists and aesthetic doctors in Singapore are the go-to people if you want to treat acne scars and PIH. 

Acne scar treatments usually require a holistic approach to yield effective, long-lasting results. Some common treatments your doctor may suggest are:

INFINI It is a minimally-invasive radiofrequency treatment that allows the doctor to precisely control the depth of the micro-needles for a more customized treatment. The micro-needles are introduced into the dermis to stimulate collagen production and elastin fibers to reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

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Cost of INFINI in Singapore: From S$798 

CO2 LASER It is one of the most common skin resurfacing laser treatments that doctors use to treat acne scars. The technique directs short, concentrated beams of laser at irregular skin, precisely removing damaged layers of superficial skin.

Cost of CO2 Laser: From S$700

PICO LASER The unique Focus Lens Array emits ultra-short pulsed lasers in picosecond. This treatment, unique to PicoSure Laser, enables the doctor to treat pigmentation and acne scars with excellent results. The high energy creates micro-injuries in the epidermis and allows the skin to heal itself by forming new collagen and elastin.

Cost of Pico Laser in Singapore: From S$700

SUBCISION Sometimes depression of acne scars is caused by the scar tissue pulling down the surface of the skin. Using a special needle, the doctor can release the scar tissue by carefully breaking down the fibrous tissue under the scar. Over time, the scar tissue heals and it creates new collagen to reduce the appearance of depressed scars.

Cost of Subcision: From S$300

DERMAL FILLERS These soft-tissue dermal fillers can be used to temporarily improve the appearance of depressed scars. Treating atrophic depressed scars with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers has been shown to yield good results with minimal risks. 

In recent months, doctors are using Rejuran S to achieve better results than using regular HA fillers. Rejuran S contains polynucleotides which promotes skin cell repair through collagen production by inducing fibroblast.

Cost of dermal fillers: From S$800

TCA CROSS This treatment allows doctors to treat stubborn, deep acne scars using highly concentrated TCA chemical peels, which are precisely applied on the scars to induce skin remodeling. 

Cost of TCA Cross: From S$200

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How much does acne scar treatment cost in Singapore?

Just like your fingerprints, you may have different combination of acne scars and they may present in different ways. This makes it very complex because a good doctor has to design a program that consists of one or more of the above treatments to address the acne scars. 

The best outcomes are often achieved by combining different acne scar treatments, based on the nature of the scars and your lifestyle habits.

Treating acne scars is a long and arduous process that requires considerable investment. You can expect to spend between S$2000 and S$6000 for a comprehensive scar removal treatment in Singapore.

Radium Medical Aesthetics offers one of the widest range of customized acne scar treatment programmes to suit every individual. 

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