Adult Acne Treatment in Singapore

Although we typically associate acne outbreaks with teenagers, many adults suffer from acne too. Many teenagers outgrow acne but unfortunately, many adults don’t. In fact, some adults suffer from acne for the first time as an adult. Research has shown that between 40 and 55 percent of adults suffer from persistent acne and oily skin.

When adults suffer from acne, it can be frustrating and embarrassing, especially so if you are in a customer-facing role. It makes a difference between having clear, flawless skin and red, inflamed skin with active acne and pustules. Having a clear, beautiful skin gives you the competitive edge over others.

Studies have shown that addressing adult acne are largely inflammatory. Addressing adult acne can be tricky because they usually have sensitive skin or a combination skin conditions which makes treatments more challenging.

Causes of Adult Acne

Some common causes of adult acne are:
DIET As adults, we should be more careful about what we consume. Your skin is a direct reflection of the food you consume. Food that may cause your acne to flare include: white bread, white rice, processed cereals, deep-fried food, cookies, cakes, and other high GI food. Foods that are high in sugar and GI cause your blood sugar level to spike. This may trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation in the body, which may subsequently lead to acne.

MEDICATION You may find it odd that you try to eat healthy but you are still getting acne. Perhaps you might want to examine the medication you might currently be on. Some medicine can trigger acne outbreaks. That is why it is so important to understand what exactly you put in your body. Some medicines that are known to trigger acne are: Corticosteroids, antabuse (for chronic alcoholic patients), immunosuppressants, thyroid medications, tuberculosis drugs, anti-epileptic drugs etc. If you are unsure, please consult your family doctor to find out more.

COSMETIC AND MAKEUP Choose your skincare product and makeup wisely. Always put in extra effort to read the labels carefully. Stay away from products that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin which causes the sebaceous glands to become more active and produce more sebum. When the sebum gets trapped in your pores, that’s when acne bacteria may start growing. Avoid products with the following ingredients: Acetylated lanolin, algae extract, align, butyl stearate, cocoa butter, coconut oil, cotton seed oil etc.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES Changes in lifestyle may lead to emotional stress. When you are undergoing stressful changes in your life or environment, you may suffer from acne outbreaks because our bodies respond to stress by producing more male hormones. These male hormones are responsible for problems such as hyperactive oil glands. When not well taken care of, it may lead to acne.

HORMONAL CHANGES This applies mainly to women. All women have to undergo several stages in their lives which cause their hormone levels to tip the balance. Events such as monthly periods, pregnancy, and menopause can cause hormone levels to fluctuate, which may lead to acne outbreaks. Women who take birth control pills may also trigger acne as a side effect.

Treatments and Solutions for Adult Acne

LOW GI FOOD A nutritious diet that keeps you healthy will help achieve a better outward appearance. A good way to have clear, healthy skin is to maintain your blood sugar level. Food that triggers your body to increase insulin production may have negative effect on your skin. Some studies have shown that acne breakout may be caused by carbohydrate-heavy diet that cause insulin level to spike. Food with low glycemic index (GI) keeps your blood sugar level steady, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation in the body and clear acne on your skin.

LOW-LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY Also know as LLLT, LED Blue Light is an effective, painless way to eliminate acne-causing bacteria from your face. When blue light reaches the sebaceous glands, it resonates at almost the same frequency as the blue light, causing it to break down and eventually destroying the acne bacteria. When combined with LED Red Light, researchers have found that acne sufferers recover faster because LED Red Light helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

COMBINATION THERAPY It is usually multifactorial when you get an acne breakout. You could be suffering from oily skin, clogged pores or accumulation of dead skin cells. At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we designed a unique program that focuses on a tailored approach to get rid of all problems that may lead to acne breakout. Acne Elimination Facial Program consists of different types of facial treatments to reduce the inflammation and unclog pores. It is an effective treatment plan for people who don’t want to consume oral medications to treat their acne problems. It eliminates acne-causing bacteria, provide deep cleaning for your skin and reduces oiliness of the skin and minimises pore size using Carbon Laser Peel.

PERMANENT ACNE SOLUTION Designed by Koreans, AGNES acne treatment targets the root problem of acne by destroying the hyperactive sebaceous glands – permanently. Once the glands are destroyed, the offending glands are no longer able to secrete sebum which could lead to formation of acne. The doctor uses a special insulated micro-needle to deliver radiofrequency waves to selectively destroy the sebaceous glands. The special insulated needle protects the skin surface to avoid any injury to the surrounding skin. Your skin may appear red and inflamed immediately after the treatment but it will subside in a few days.

EXFOLIATION Although it sounds like an odd thing to do when your skin is inflamed, regular exfoliation keeps your pores from being clogged with accumulation of dead cells and sebum. When you pores are clean and unclogged, the chances of you getting acne will significantly reduce. Try to go for an enzyme-based exfoliator.

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