Double Chin

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Double Chin

Reduce Appearance of Double Chin with Ultherapy

We all dread the unsightly roll of fat under our chin that looks like a second chin. A double chin is so undesirable because it breaks the smooth contour of a beautiful jawline. It makes us look tired, bloated, and aesthetically less beautiful.

People get a double chin when a subcutaneous layer of fat around the neck sags over time and causes wrinkles. When collagen production reduces and connective tissues become weaker, the skin becomes loose and the it forms a low-hanging neck. Muscles also weaken over time and the muscles in your chin loses its elasticity and the skin grows looser.

Double chins can also be be due to hereditary factors. Some people tend to retain too much water or naturally store excess fat around the neck.

One or more of these factors may leave you with a double chin, although the major cause of double chins is usually excess body fat accumulated around the neck.

Unfortunately, keeping a strict diet or exercising regularly doesn’t have much effect on reducing its appearance. You can’t target fat loss on your neck. The only way to target fat reduction on neck is to seek medical aesthetic treatment. There are some aesthetic treatments that can effectively reduce the fat depositions, and to tighten the skin under the skin to make the double chin less obvious.

Know Your Problems

  • A double chin is a collection of fat, with or without loose skin, under the chin.
  • A double chin can be improved with skin tightening treatments, and treatments which target and melt the fat deposits.

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