Flabby Arms

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Flabby Arms

Reduce Flabby Arms with Non-Surgical Treatments

Flabby arms are usually due to excess accumulation of fat around the arms. After the age of 30, our body metabolism slows down and body fat progressively increases. Lean muscle mass also decreases with age. When our body slows down due to aging, our collagen and elastin production level also dip. This causes the skin to become loose and less elastic. Slower metabolism with fewer calories burned from a lack of exercise increases the risk of weight gain. These changes occur due to hormonal adjustments that occur with age and thus you notice that your skin starts to sag in areas that once used to be firm and tight such as arms and thighs.

The problem of flabby arms can affect one’s confidence – especially when wearing sleeveless clothes, and hence many people want to tone the arms and reduce the appearance of flabby arms. Exercise and toning of the underarm musles are a must. Incorporating strength training exercises can help to tone the muscles and tighten the deltoids, biceps, and triceps. It is important to note that strength training does not reduce the fat tissues in the arms. Only by maintaining a good diet, regular exercise, and seeking treatment to reduce the fat tissue in the arms will allow you to achieve the best outcome for a pair of toned and stronger arms.

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Know Your Problems

  • “Bat-wing arms” or “bye bye fat” are a result of poor muscle tone, loose skin, and fat accumulation under the arms.
  • Treatments are aimed at tightening the skin over the triceps area, and at burning fat.
  • TriLipo is a new generation radiofrequency treatment which tightens sagging skin and burns fat, to improve flabby underarms.
  • Fat Freeze is recommended for people with stubborn fat on areas that cannot be eliminated with diet or exercise.

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