Thick, “fat” Calves

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Thick, “fat” Calves

Non-Surgical Treatment for Thick Calves

It is many women’s dream to get a pair of sexy, toned calf muscles without looking too bulky. While some people may find it difficult for their calf muscles to grow and become toned, others complain of their fat calves, making them look fat or masculine.

Fat calves can due to one of the following reasons:

GENETICS Look at your parents or siblings to see if they have naturally big calves. If they do, your big calves are probably due to your genetic makeup. There is not much you can do about it. However, you should try to avoid exercises that will make your calves larger than they already are.

EXERCISE Repetitive movements by putting a strain on your calf muscles may cause them to be stronger and larger. Putting your weight on the front of the foot leads to a direct buildup of calf muscles. Wearing in high heel shoes is one of the main causes of large, thick calves.

FAT TISSUE Fat tissue buildup is another possible reason why your calf muscles are thick. Although there is very often little fat in the calves, some women may have fat accumulation in the area, causing the calves to look bigger than they should.

Fortunately, there are several effective non-surgical methods to reduce the appearance of fat calves. Botox and TriLipo are very effective solutions to make your calves look smaller and more toned.

Know Your Problems

  • The largest muscle in the calves is known as the gastrocnemius.
  • Overdevelopment of this muscle can cause the calves to look “fat”.
  • Botox is an effective treatment to make the calves appear slimmer.

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