Wrinkly hands, Bony hands

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Wrinkly hands, Bony hands

Restore Your Hands to Their Youthful Self with Dermal Filler Treatment

Hands are probably the most neglected areas when it comes to anti-aging routine. Many people are probably guilty of applying layers of UV-shielding sunscreen, anti-aging creams, pigment removal serum on their faces but totally neglecting their hands. If you don’t have a hand rejuvenation regime yet, you better start one now. Old, wrinkled hands are a dead giveaway of your age.

So what cause our hands age and what can we do to reserve the aging process of our hands:

SUN EXPOSURE The main cause of premature aging is contributed by regular exposure to the sun. We are all guilty to a certain extent where we apply sunscreen on our faces but not on our hands. And yet, our hands are exposed to the sun as much as, or not more than our faces. Short of wearing gloves 24/7, you should try to apply sunscreen of hand cream with SPF 30 before leaving your home – and reapplying after you wash your hands or every 2 hours.

PROMINENT VEINS We often carry heavy things with our hands and over time, the manual labour that we preform cause the veins to pop up and become more visible. Fats usually don’t accumulate around the hands and because of the lack of fat, bones and veins are more visible especially when we get older.

DRY SKIN We wash our hands at least 6 times a day. The frequent washing with water and harsh soap can cause dryness to our skin. Dry, scaly skin is unattractive and makes you look old. Make sure that you apply hand cream regularly to replenish the moisture that is lost because of the frequent washing.

AGING When you age, the production of collagen and elastin slow down. Your skin becomes thin and saggy. With less collagen in your skin, it becomes more wrinkled and the bones and veins are more visible. Loss of fat on the hands occurs with age. This, together with thinning skin, give our hands a bony, skeletal appearance. The hands are often neglected in skincare and aesthetics treatments, and hence often age poorly compared to our faces.

Don’t let your hands give away your age – Protect your hands from the sun with adequate sunblock and gloves to prevent them from aging.

If your hands already suffer the ravages of time, hand rejuvenation treatments such as fillers, are excellent in restoring them to their youthful self again.

Know Your Problems

  • With age, our hands lose fat while the skin loss elasticity. They start to look bony and wrinkly.
  • Fillers are excellent both for restoring lost volume and for improving the skin quality of the hands.

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