Flat Nose

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Flat Nose

Achieving A Shaper, Defined Nose with Non-Surgical Nose Thread Lift and Filler

Your nose bridge is the bony area that runs along the top of the nose. If you have a low nose bridge, it means that the area is flat, doesn’t protrude, and ill-defined. There are varying degree of flatness of the nose bridge which can be distressing to many people.

If a ill-defined nose bridge bothers you, you can easily have it reshaped by cosmetic surgery. Apart from determining how attractive you look, the nose has an important job of conditioning the air that you breathe in to ensure that it is warm when it reaches your lungs. Although having a low nose bridge could be due to genetic disorders such as Cleidocranial Dysostosis, Williams Syndrome, or Down Syndrome, most of us have ill-defined nose bridge because of our genetic makeup. Asians are often plagued with a short, flat or round nose. On the contrary, caucasians are blessed with high bridge and defined nose. Studies have shown that our noses are they way they are today because of the environment our ancestors lived in. People who live in colder climates tend to have a bigger and higher bridge and a narrower nasal passage as compared to the Asian counterparts.

According to most aesthetic doctors, a beautiful nose has a well-defined tip, a gentle curve, good projection and height. Most Asian patients see a doctor to augment their noses using fillers or nose thread lift to give a better projection and a rounded tip.

While some aesthetic problems of the nose need to be corrected by surgery, we can now improve the appearance of the nose, with filler injections and nose thread lift.

Know Your Problems

  • Asian men and women often have noses which are short, flat, and round.
  • A beautiful nose has a well-defined tip, good height, and a nice curve.
  • Injection with a harder filler such as Restylane SubQ can improve the appearance of the nose, giving it a higher bridge, better projection, and a more beautiful shape.
  • Silhouette soft thread lift helps to narrow the nose

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