Broad Face Shape

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Broad Face Shape

Reduce Facial Fat with Non-Surgical Treatments

Our facial shape frames our facial features, making a big impact to how we look. Just like our bodies, faces vary in shape and sizes. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to target your face fat and slim them down.

If you have a naturally chubby face with well-padded cheeks, you can’t expect any exercise or diet to get you a well-chiseled face. Although a good diet and some exercise can help to a certain extent, stubborn fat pockets may still be evident in the chin and neck area.

While many factors contribute to our face shape, one big reason for a square, broad face in Asians is overly large masseter muscles – the muscles used for chewing. We can dramatically improve the face shape to make it look smaller and slimmer with the Botox injections to reduce the maseter muscle size.

Skin tightening treatments like Ulthera and Tripollar V-Lift help lift sagging contours to slim the face contour.

Know Your Problems

  • Large masseter muscles are a major cause of a broad face shape.
  • Botox injections can help make your face look slimmer, but this is not for everyone. See our doctors to find out more!
  • Skin tightening treatments further improve the face shape.

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