Sunken Forehead

sunken forehead
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Sunken Forehead

Treatment for Sunken Forehead with Non-Surgical Treatments such as Dermal Filler

Many women seek a beautiful, feminine forehead which they see in Korean celebrities. Most Korean celebrities are known for their smooth, full, round forehead with glowing skin. Unfortunately, not many people are born with a naturally smooth, full forehead. Some people are born with sunken forehead, with prominent supraorbital ridges (the bony protrusion above the eyebrows). As a result, we look too masculine, stern, and angry all the time.

Although there are surgical options to correct your forehead to make it fuller and rounder, many people prefer non-surgical option as the downtime is shorter and there is less risk of any possible adverse side effects. Fortunately, we can now improve the appearance of your forehead, non-invasively, with filler injections.

Know Your Problems

  • A sunken forehead with prominent bony eyebrow protrusions can make us look masculine and stern all the time.
  • You can now improve your forehead’s appearance with non-invasive injection of fillers, with a smooth, long-lasting and natural result.

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