Sagging Buttocks, Buttock Fat

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Sagging Buttocks, Buttock Fat

Get Rid of Excess Fat, Firms and Lifts Saggy Butt with Non-Surgical Treatments

There is fat stored underneath our skin. The fat is known as “subcutaneous fat”. This is also the most stubborn fat on the body. Female subcutaneous fat is more stubborn compared to male subcutaneous fat. Female subcutaneous fat is harder to get rid compared to male subcutaneous fat. Female subcutaneous fat is usually found around the hip, butt and thighs.

Fat deposits in the buttocks are very common in women – forming a pear-shaped body. The distribution of fat in the buttocks and thighs are due to the female hormone, oestrogen. This is opposed to men, where fat is more often distributed in the tummy region. With age, the buttocks start to sag as well, making the problem even more obvious. Another reason why stubborn fat is harder to eliminate is because of poor blood supply. Places that are colder (less blood circulation) mean that it is harder to shed the fat around those areas.

The fat in the buttocks and thighs can be very stubborn, and difficult to get rid of even with exercise and diet. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments can effectively reduce the fat in these areas by breaking down the fat cells. Our bodies then remove the fat via the body’s natural metabolic pathways. At the same time, the sagging skin is lifted, to give a more beautiful contour.

Know Your Problems

  • With age, the problem becomes more obvious as the buttocks start to sag.
  • Non-invasive treatments, such as Ulthera, help to lift the buttocks, while TriLipo helps reduce the fat, and tighten skin.

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