Aging, sagging neck (Turkey Neck)

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Aging, sagging neck (Turkey Neck)

Non-Surgical Neck Lifting Treatments for Saggy Neck

The neck is often the most difficult part of the body to take care of. While we spend time and effort to treat the face, the neck is, unfortunately, often neglected. Yet, the skin on the neck is thinner, and ages the same way as the skin on our face. With age, the skin on the neck sags. The neck is supported by many muscles and they can weaken over time as we age. When our skin become thinner and less elastic and the muscles become weaker, the excess skin can no longer be supported by the muscles. Vertical bands (platysmal bands) can become more obvious. This gives an unsightly appearance, often referred to as the turkey neck.

This is why we often see celebrities with youthful, beautiful skin, but necks reveal their real age. You may notice an extra layer of fat carried just below the jaw which looks like a double chin. In some serious cases, loose skin hangs down like a turkey neck.

Fortunately, there are some treatments you can consider to reduce the signs of aging on the neck. Treatment of sagging skin on the neck is possible with lasers and other skin tightening treatments. The platysmal bands can also be treated with Botox injections.

Know Your Problems

  • The neck is highly susceptible to ageing due to thin skin, and neglect to take proper care.
  • Treatments such as lasers and Tripollar radiofrequency help tighten and lift sagging skin.
  • The unsightly vertical platysmal bands can be improved with Botox injections

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