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Weak Chin

Using Dermal Filler to Sculpt and Redefine Receded Chin

The chin is an important part of our face. Together with the nose, it forms the central axis which creates balance between the upper, middle and lower facial thirds. Why is there a strong interest to augment a receded chin? What chin augmentation treatments are available? Read on more to find out.

A receded chin is when it is smaller and retruded in size. A receded chin alters a facial contour and attractiveness. A weak chin is often the cause of dull image and inelegant, unattractive facial appearance. For people who are a little plump, they may also develop a double chin more easily because the contour of chin and neck remains unclear. There are some causes of receding chin:

GENETIC Receded chin could run in the family. If your parents and siblings have receded chins, it could be the reason for yours as well. Sometimes, the growth of chin and lower jaw can get affected when the foetus is in the womb. The chin may not be fully developed, making the lower jaw bone smaller than the upper jaw.

RECESSION OF CHIN Although rare, arthritis of the lower jaw bone can cause recession of the chin. However, this problem is usually confined to elderly people. Some dental problems may also lead to recession of the chin.

A strong, proportionate chin is not only attractive, but also associated with desirable personality traits such as decisiveness and strength. This is especially true in men.

Asians often have a receded or short chin, causing our faces to look unbalanced, round, or chubby. Besides a surgical chin implant, we now have the option to sculpt the chin non-invasively with injectable fillers.

Know Your Problems

  • A proportionate chin is essential for an aesthetically beautiful and balanced face.
  • Your chin can be enhanced non-invasively through injectable fillers. These treatments are safe, long lasting, and give excellent results.

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