Dull Skin

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Dull Skin

Combat Dull Skin Effectively with Laser Treatments and SkinBoosters

Dull skin is a common skincare complaint among people. Dull skin is usually a term to describe a lack of glow or radiance which are usually associated with people with young, glowing skin. Dull skin can sometimes refer to uneven skin tone or texture with pigmentation.

Dull skin is usually a result of poor blood circulation. Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main factors for poor blood circulation. For example, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, dehydration, and keeping late nights are some causes of dull skin.

The stresses of everyday life can also cause our skin to look dull and unhealthy. Excessive dead cells can build up from a hectic lifestyle and neglect of the skin. This, together with the thickening of skin and deposition of skin pigmentation with sun damage, causes the skin to become tired and haggard.

Restoring the glow in your skin requires a holistic approach. The best way to prevent dull skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle like avoid smoking, keep a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and have at least eight hours of sleep a day. Topical creams – including sun protection is essential so minimize external damage. Finally, facials and aesthetics treatments induce skin renewal, so that your skin can restore its youthful self, and a healthy glow.

At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we have a wide variety of treatments, facials and programs which can help you achieve brighter, glowing skin. Speak to our doctors to understand more about the treatments which are best suited for your skin.

Know Your Problems

  • Dull skin is a result of accumulated environmental damage, especially stress and sun damage.
  • The key to glowing, healthy skin is a healthy lifestyle and diet, together with topical creams facials and aesthetic treatments.

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