Sagging Cheeks/Flat cheeks

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Sagging Cheeks/Flat cheeks

Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments for Saggy Skin and Sunken Cheeks

Aging causes your facial muscles and your skin to sag. Sagging skin and sunken cheeks are part of life’s natural aging process. The epidermis is attached to the underlying muscle, and it is this muscle and the skin’s elasticity that determines how taut your face should be. Several factors determine how taut the muscles are such as injury, illness, and aging.

AGING Age has a direct correlation to the facial muscles and the elasticity of your skin. As you age, the production of collagen and elastin slow down, causing your muscles to stretch and sag over time. The loss of skin elasticity also contribute to a sagging facial appearance.

SKIN DAMAGE Smoking and over-exposure of the sun accelerate skin aging. They cause the collagen to break down prematurely and the elastin level to drop significantly.

REPETITIVE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Gravity does more harm than good for our skin. Repetitive facial expressions can contribute to deep facial wrinkles and sagging skin. If you are always making certain facial expressions that promotes skin aging and wrinkles to appear, you should make a conscious effort to relax those muscles and not make those expressions anymore.

DRASTIC WEIGHT LOSS Sudden weight loss may result in loss of fats but not the skin. When the skin is unable to support the structure of your face due to the sudden fat loss, you may end up with loose, saggy skin.

Full, sculpted “apple” cheeks are a sign of youthfulness. Unfortunately, many Asians are naturally born with a flat or sunken cheeks. Because of flat or sunken cheeks, it makes us look stern and tired. The problem gets worse with age, when we begin to lose cheek volume. In addition, the cheeks begin to sag downwards, forming hollowness under the eyes.

Fortunately, you do not have to undergo a surgical facelift to restore youthfulness to your cheeks. Filler injections can now be used to correct the problem non-surgically, whether to restore volume, or to enhance your cheeks to become fuller.

Non-surgical threadlift can be done hand-in-hand to lift sagging cheeks for an even better result.

Know Your Problems

  • Asians often have naturally flat cheeks, making us look stern and tired.
  • With age, loss of cheek volume and sagging occurs, resulting in tired looking undereyes and a sad, haggard appearance.
  • Fillers and non-surgical threadlift are excellent non-surgical options to correct this common problem.

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