Chest/ Back acne

back acne
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Chest/ Back acne

Back Acne Treatment with Lasers and LED Light Therapy

Acne occurs when the hair follicles or pores on the skin become blocked with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Each hair follicle has a sebaceous oil gland and the sebum (oil) will be secreted, travels up the hair and out of the pore, onto the skin. If the opening is blocked by dead skin cells, the oil and the bacteria get accumulated and it may cause inflammation over time. Acne occurs because of inflammation and infection of clogged pores, by bacteria on the skin called Propionibacterium Acnes. When the skin is repeatedly affected by the inflammation, acne outbreak sets in.

Acne can affect other parts of our bodies besides the face – the most common being the trunk (chest and back). Back acne is a very common problem, affecting not only teenagers, but many adults as well. Although back acne may not a serious medical condition, it can be embarrassing and troublesome to manage especially when you are outside.

Because of the many causative factors of acne, battling it often requires a multi-prong approach which includes creams, facials, medical treatments, and/or oral medication.

Know Your Problems

  • Common triggers for acne include: hormonal fluctuation, poor diet, stress, poor hygiene, and medication.
  • Having a family history of acne will increase your risk of developing acne as well.
  • Although making certain changes in your lifestyle and diet may help improve acne condition, it can recur and cause distress to the person.
  • Seeking medical help will definitely be able to control and resolve your acne outbreak.

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