Dark Eye Circles

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Dark Eye Circles

Reduce Appearance of Dark Eye Circles with Laser Treatment

At some point in time in our lives, we will be plagued with dark eye circles. It could be due to stress at work, sleepless nights, aging or even suffering from allergies, you may look tired and listless because of your dark eye circles.

In fact, dark eye circles are one of the most common aesthetic complaints. They make a person look tired, listless, and unattractive. The thin under-eye skin makes the area exceptionally sensitive to skin aging. In most areas of your body, the skin is about 2.5mm thick. However, the skin under the eyes is only about 0.5mm thick. This means that blood vessels under the skin become more visible to the naked eye and may produce a slightly different color to the rest of your skin on your face.

The combination of skin sagging, loss of elasticity, and deposition of pigments all contribute to the appearance and worsening of dark eye circles. Although not dangerous to our health, dark eye circles and eye bags can make a person look tired and have a psychological effect on how you see yourself and what others think of you.

Even though having sufficient sleep and keeping a healthy lifestyle can help alleviate the condition a little, it does not directly treat the dark eye circles. Treating dark eye circles can prove to be challenging. While is it difficult to remove them completely, they can be significantly improved with a combination of treatments, such as undereye fillers and lasers.

Know Your Problems

  • Dark eye circles form as a result of multiple causes, such as loss of elasticity, pigmentation, and sagging.
  • Dark eye circles are more apparent in people with nose/ eye allergies. It is important to treat your allergies and importantly, avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Undereye fillers are one of the most effective solutions for dark eye circles.
  • A combination of treatments may be needed to solve the problem. Speak to our doctors to find out how this treatment can help you.

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