Weak Jawline

weak jawline
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Weak Jawline

Attain A Defined Jawline with Non-Surgical Treatments Including Thread Lift and Ultherapy

The definition of your chin, neck and jawline is usually genetically determined. Although losing weight can certainly improve your weak jawline, you probably only see minor alteration of your appearance to a certain degree.

A well-defined jawline is sought after by many men, because it is not only more attractive, but masculine as well. Factors such as age, weight gain, or genetics play a part in causing our jawline to be ill defined.

There are some factors that contribute to a weak jawline and the lack of definition of your neck:

MEDICAL CONDITION Microgenia is a medical term to describe an unusually small or deformed chin. Microgenia can affect anyone but this is more common in people who suffer from Down’s syndrome.

GENETICS In some men, the Hyoid bone in your neck is lower than normal and it prevents you from having a nice angular shape between the jaw and the neck. The bone pulls the muscles that are attached to chin downwards and blends with your neck. Correction can be challenging.

WEIGHT GAIN The neck is one of the areas where fat usually accumulates. The fat beneath the skin can push the skin of the neck outward which does not give you the angular look between the jaw and the neck. Getting rid of this is relatively easy just by losing some weight.

Fortunately, there are several non-surgical methods to sculpt and enhance the jawline. With injectable fillers, we can now effectively improve the weak jawline to give it more definition, in a non-invasive and safe procedure.

Know Your Problems

  • A well-defined jawline is masculine and attractive.
  • Your jawline can be enhanced non-invasively through injectable fillers. These treatments are safe, long lasting, and give excellent results.

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