Facial redness

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Facial redness

Reduce Skin Redness with Laser Treatments

Skin flushing can be described as feelings of rapid reddening of the neck, upper chest, or face. The person usually feels warm when the skin flushes. Red, solid patches of redness are often visible and they can sometimes be mistaken for rashes. Flushing happen when there is an increased blood flow. Flushed skin is usually a social concern more than a health condition that you should worry about.

Redness on the face is normally caused by the one of the following reasons:

  •  MEDICATIONS Vitamin B3 overdose can cause redness. People usually take niacin to lower their cholesterol and this can be one of the reasons for flushed skin. Other medications that may cause flushing are vasodilators, calcium channel blockers, morphine, and opiates etc.
  • SPICY FOOD Consuming spicy food can cause a surge in body temperature and increase in blood flow, which subsequently leads to flushed skin. Eating too much spicy food can also cause bowel irritation. Try to avoid spicy food such as fresh red chilli and chilli peppers.
  • ROSACEA (mainly women) It is a skin condition that can cause swelling, redness and sores. The cause of rosacea is not entirely clear but stress, consuming spicy food and drastic change of temperature may worsen the condition. Rosacea seems to affect fair-skinned women between the ages of 30 and 50.
  • INFLAMMATION Skin redness can also be due to allergies, skin infections, sun burnt, and fever.
  • MENOPAUSE (only for women) Hot flushes are a common symptom of people experiencing menopause. Women who experienced it described it as sudden feeling of warmth or heat in the body followed by night sweats and excessive sweating.

The treatment for facial redness will depend on the underlying cause. A combination of topical creams, light therapy and medical facials may be required. See a doctor to determine the underlying cause and find out what treatments might be suitable for your flushed skin.

Know Your Problems

  • Facial redness can indicate underlying skin pathology.
  • The treatment will depend on the cause of redness.

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