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Leg scars

Effective Scar Management with Laser Treatments

Scars can form on any part of the body. Scar treatment is available to reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Find out why people develop scars and how they can be treated.

Scars are formed when the dermis is damaged. When you suffer from a significant injury, your body reacts by forming new collagen fibers to mend the damaged areas. Blood clot is first formed at the site of the wound. Over time, blood supply will decrease and a scar becomes paler. It may take months or years to reach the final form of the scar. New scar tissue may not have identical colour or texture to the surrounding skin. When new scar tissue is formed to heal the wound, you may notice that your scar may look different. Some people develop hypertrophic scars on the skin. They may appear larger than the wound and may have a lumpy appearance.

Some people are more susceptible to developing scars because of their genetic makeup. Even minor injuries such as mosquito bites or folliculitis from shaving can result in darkened scars on the site of the wound.

Scars are usually not a condition that requires medical attention. However, they can be unsightly and cause distress to people especially when the scars are in exposed areas such as the face or arms. The decision to reduce the appearance of scars is usually a cosmetic one.

Fortunately, there are convenient and painless scar treatment procedures to reduce the appearance of scars. Lasers which target pigmentation are very effective to cure the problem.

Know Your Problems

  • Scars cannot be completely removed once they form. However, they can be treated to make them less noticeable.
  • Treatments may require weeks or months in order to see effective results.
  • Combination treatments may be required to resolve the issue. Silicone sheets, corticosteroid injections and laser treatments may be necessary depending on the size and severity of the scar.

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