Thin Lips/ Poorly Defined Lips

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Thin Lips/ Poorly Defined Lips

Treatment for Poorly Defined Lips with Dermal Filler

Young lips are full and supple because young skin contains a healthy level of collagen and naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, which keeps your lips moist, plump, and hydrated. Aesthetically beautiful lips are plump and pillowy, with well-defined lip borders and upturned corners. They are symmetrical, with smooth and well-hydrated skin. On the other hand, thin lips make you look old and haggard.

To a certain extent, lip size and shape are genetically determined. But one thing for sure is that thin lips will develop over time as you lose collagen and hyaluronic acid. Thin, poorly defined lips are one of the things that you notice when you age. There is a steady decline of collagen production which results in our lips losing its shape, definition and hydration. They thin out, and parts may even disappear into the mouth.

One of the biggest misconception is that thin lips occur only to smokers. The truth is that thinning of lips can be exacerbated by puckering of lips, chewing the inside of the lips, and drinking out of straws. These actions if repeated regularly, may cause the early breakdown of collagen and make them smaller and more wrinkled. Dehydration is also another culprit for the thinning of lips.

Other than reducing some repeated actions that may accelerate thinning of lips and drinking more water, there are non-surgical options you can consider to plump your lips and make them youthful and supple again. With advanced injection techniques, beautiful lips can be achieved with hyaluronic acid filler injections, giving a natural look and feel.

Know Your Problems

  • Full, well defined lips can make you look younger, fresher and more feminine.
  • Our lips lose its shape, volume and hydration as we age.
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers are the perfect choice to restore and redefine the lips.

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