Sunken Temples

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Sunken Temples

Treatment for Sunken Temples with Dermal Fillers

Wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only things we get as we age. There are several structural changes going on such as sagging cheeks, sunken temple, and thinner skin.

When you grow older, the rate at which the bone is broken down faster than the rate the bone is built up. Structural changes occur because there is a reduction in facial height, changes in the facial width and depth, and fat reduction and distribution on the face.

Our temples can start to sink inwards with age – due to a loss of fat and connective tissue. This sunken appearance makes us look tired and haggard. The lack of support of the outer brow along with loss of subcutaneous fat in the upper lid causes the appearance of a droopy upper brow. Sunken temples also give us a “skeletal” appearance, which is believed to herald poor fortune and hardship according to the art of Chinese face reading.

Beautiful temples should be full but slightly concave and not bulging. Today, this can be achieved with the introduction of injectable fillers via a quick and safe procedure.

Know Your Problems

  • Sunken temples can make you look tired and haggard.
  • Genetics, aging and environmental stressors contribute to sunken temples.
  • You can now improve your temple’s appearance with non-invasive injection using fillers for a smooth, long-lasting and natural result.

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