Post Pregnancy Loose Skin

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Post Pregnancy Loose Skin

Restore Pre-Pregnancy Body with Non-Surgical Treatments

Our skin – the largest organ – goes through tremendous stress when we are pregnant. You notice skin issues which you never did before such as stretch marks, varicose veins, acne, spider veins, and blemishes etc. Although most of these problems resolve on its own after delivery, there are some issues that may still persist for a long time.

Most of the problems that women face post-pregnancy are related to loose skin, stretch marks and weight gain. Pregnancy is a very stressful time for the body. Tummy expands rapidly over a short period of nine months and then quickly deflates. This rapid change in size can lead to loose skin when your body is unable to contract back to its original state.

There is little you can do except to lose weight gradually. Losing weight slowly gives the skin time to recover and regain elasticity. Regular exercise can also help to build muscles and minimise excess skin. Regular massages with a rich anti-oxidant lotion will help as well. Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be eliminated even with regular exercise or maintaining a strict diet. If regular exercise and diet are unable to let you achieve pre-pregnancy waistline, there are several medical treatment options which can help you.

Know Your Problems

  • Loose skin after pregnancy can occur as your body expands and contracts rapidly. Factors such as genetics, poor general health, and too rapid a weight loss can worsen the problem.
  • Skin tightening treatments will help tighten skin – with Tripollar radiofrequency skin tightening, as well as Ultherapy.

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