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Allure Diamond Peel

Microdermabrasion for Gentle Removal of Dead Skin

Enjoy softer, younger skin from gentle, precise skin exfoliation and deep penetration of vitamins. Allure Diamond Peel uses gentle microdermabrasion and suction to clear away dead skin cells, unclogging pores, evening out skin tone, and improving skin health. Our microdermabrasion treatment uses a fine diamond tip, allowing us to precisely remove the amount of skin cells we want, even in sensitive areas such as under the eyes.

After microdermabrasion, your skin is then treated to the full benefits of customized vitamin infusions, using electric waves to open up micro channels in your skin so that the serums can penetrate deeper for maximal effects – up to 40 times compared to normal application.

The vitamins nourish your skin, encouraging skin renewal, and collagen stimulation. Who says you can only get your daily dose of vitamins from fruits? 


  • checked
    Helps to remove superficial layer of dead skin cells
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    Get brighter, clearer skin with the gentle exfoliation of diamond peel
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    Improve overall skin texture and tone
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    Reduce appearance of acne scars

Best For

Men and women who wish to restore a fabulous glow to the skin suffering from environmental irritants and achieve a more youthful, brighter skin, with no downtime.

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