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Anti-Redness Gold Toning

Combat Skin Redness with Gold Laser Beam Therapy

Anti-Redness Gold Toning laser targets and dissipates red areas on your skin with a gentle gold beam of light. This latest innovation in laser therapy has paved the way to effectively treating active acne, as well as erase red scars, including the red marks left behind by acne – often a cause of distress and embarrassment for teenagers.

This 15-minute treatment is comfortable and without downtime – you can go back to work, or resume your social activities immediately after the treatment.


  • checked
    Reduce facial redness, including rosacea
  • checked
    Calm red, angry, inflammatory acne
  • checked
    Lighten of red acne scars

Best For

People who wish to treat redness of the skin that could remain due to acne or post-acne treatment. This treatment will also help to improve facial flushing and reduce the redness of the face.

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