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Ellanse Biostimulating Fillers

Collagen-Stimulating Dermal Fillers For Anti-Ageing

Ellanse is an injectable product that provides long-lasting and sustained correction by volumization and stimulating collagen production from within the skin. 

It is a type of PCL Collagen Bio-Stimulator that is approved for use in Singapore. Ellanse has become increasingly popular in Southeast Asia and especially in Singapore as collagen stimulator to reverse signs of ageing and also for facial augmentation.

It works differently from traditional dermal fillers, which work by directly filling in a wrinkle or volume deficiency using hyaluronic acid. On the other hand, Ellanse contains a biodegradable synthetic material called polycaprolactone, or PCL. It stimulates your own collagen to correct volume loss, wrinkles and folds – treating the underlying causes of facial ageing at its root. As a result, you can expect a natural, youthful appearance with long-lasting effects.

Is Ellanse safe for use in Singapore?

Ellanse is made of a biodegradable synthetic material, precisely engineered microspheres and homogeneously suspended in a tailor-made aqueous Carboxy-methylcellulose (CMC) gel-carrier. The carbooxymethyl cellulose is the component that provides the plumping effect, and polycaprolactone provides the sustained effect. It was developed in 2006 in The Netherlands and obtained the CE mark in 2009, KFDA registration in 2013 in South Korea, the TGA in Australia.

In 2017, a study was conducted by the manufacturer to emphasize the various safety aspects of Ellanse. The CMC is classified as Generally Recognized As Safe substance in food additives by the US FDA. On the other hand, it was noted that PCL is a widely used compound in many medical devices for several decades. Since it obtained CE Mark in 2009, 300,000 syringes have been administered globally with little report of adverse events.

How does it work?

Ellanse is able to provide long-term collagen stimulation even after the treatment. It helps the skin regain what was naturally lost with age. Therefore, once the CMC component have been reabsorbed by the body, you will still enjoy beneficial, long-lasting effects from the PCL that is present in it.

How long does it last?

The immediate results you get after the treatment can last from anywhere between 1 and 4 years. The longevity of the fillers depends on which type of Ellanse the doctor recommends. As the results are long-lasting compared to regular dermal fillers, you do not need to go for follow-up visits with the doctor for multiple sessions. Hence, it is an economical solution to improve your facial contours and look more youthful.

Ellanse is a very popular skin rejuvenation treatment in Singapore because it does not only plump up deficient areas of the face but it also stimulates collagen production from within, resulting in longer-lasting effects.

Does Ellanse have any risk or side effects?

As with other dermal filler injections, itching and swelling can be expected immediately after the treatment. You can also expect localised swelling and redness at the injection sites. However, these mild side effects should subside within 1-2 days and you can return to your daily activities.

Can Ellanse be reversed or dissolved?

Unfortunately, Ellanse is a not a hyaluronic acid filler and it cannot be dissolved. This means that once it is injected into your body, it is non-reversible. You will have to wait for 2-3 years for the filler to naturally break down in your body. Therefore, it is very important to consider very carefully before opting to undergo an Ellanse treatment. Choosing an experienced doctor to administer the treatment for you to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Radium For Ellanse Treatment?

Our Medical Director, Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, is an accredited Ellanse Filler Trainer. 

He attended the Ellanse Trainers’ Accreditation and is certified as an Ellanse Trainer in May 2017. He has undergone extensive training in the use of Ellanse fillers to achieve the best results for patients in the safest possible manner.


  • checked
    Achieve visible skin lifting and plumping effects
  • checked
    Observe skin revitalisation and firmness through natural collagen stimulation
  • checked
    Reshape facial contours to achieve desired, long-lasting results
  • checked
    Reverse and delay signs of skin ageing
  • checked
    Only 1 treatment is required which will last for 2-3 years

Best For

Those who want to use this collagen stimulator to erase deep folds around the mouth and nose, sunken cheeks, facial scars. It is also a good choice for those who want to sculpt and shape the nose as this filler lasts longer than most fillers.

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