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Radium Rescue Me

Your answer to clearer, acne free skin begins here. Radium Rescue Plus is an intensive medical facial which combines multiple, proven therapies to combat acne. After a scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, we use the synergistic effects of 2 different skin-clarifying treatments: Ultrasonic and AquaPeel therapies, to effectively remove the acne-causing debris that are hiding in the recesses of your pores.

With your skin cleared and cleansed, it is now ready to receive medical-grade LED Blue Acne Clear therapy, a non-invasive medical aesthetic procedure, to eliminate acne bacteria. The acne bacteria, also known as Propionobacterium acne, is killed by the FDA-approved photodynamic therapy, eliminating acne at its root. Your treatment continues with an enzyme peel, and targeted spot treatments on problem areas to reduce the inflammation and encourage the healing process, then concludes with Radium’s specialty acne mask to sooth and relax your skin while protecting your face from external aggressors. 


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    Achieve clearer, cleaner skin using our unique dual cleansing therapy
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    Unclogged pores
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    Healthier skin
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    Reduction of acne bacteria on the skin
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    Prevent acne breakout

Best For

Acne sufferers seeking an effective, deep cleansing solution for their skin without further aggravating the skin condition. This facial is also effective for men and women who are prone to suffer from acne outbreak.

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