What Causes Wrinkles Around The Eyes And How To Age-Proof Them

Although we are healthy and well, our eyes can make us look tired, old or even ill. Wrinkles around the eyes are almost always the first to appear at an early age but it does not mean that you have to live with it. So what causes dark eye circles and wrinkles around the eyes? What can we do to get rid of them?

Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

There is a strong correlation between wrinkles and aging. As we get older, our skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic. Over time, our skin becomes prone to forming lines and creases.

Research has shown that environmental and social factors can accelerate the development of wrinkles. The first wrinkles on the face usually occur as a result of facial expressions. An over-expressive face such as pursing of lips, frowning, and raising the eyebrows regularly will result in permanent lines around the face.

Sun damage, smoking, dehydration and unhealthy environmental conditions can cause free radicals to attack healthy cells in our bodies and therefore lead to early signs of aging.

Why Do Our Eyes Age First?

Most wrinkles tend to appear in the parts of the body which are frequently exposed to the sun especially the face and neck. Our eyes are always the first to show signs of aging. This is because the skin around the eyes are extremely thin. We always squint when we are trying to concentrate or see something from a distance. Your eyes are almost always exposed to the sun. And it does not help that you spend a significant amount of time in front of your computer screen. As a result, we work our eyes harder than any other parts of our body.

Most people do not like wrinkles and dark eye circles, and they invest large sum of money on creams that do not work. Most of these creams make great claims but have little effect. The good news is that wrinkles around the eyes are easily fixed effectively at an affordable price.

Dermal Fillers

DARK EYE CIRCLES are usually caused by the hollow spaces in the tear trough due to loss of volume in the undereye area. Our undereye area is prone to loss of volume because we lose fat in the area as we age. Younger people who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle or are genetically predisposed can also experience loss of fat in the undereye. The undereye area seems to appear darker than the surrounding area because the loss of tissue allows the blood vessels and muscles under the eyes to become more apparent.

The dark eye circles can be further accentuated by the loss of volume in the upper cheek which then leads to a weak support to the tissue structure directly under the eye.

By adding volume back into the troughs and upper cheeks, the troughs can be filled to smooth out these contours, effectively removing the dark color and shadowing, making you look more alert and energetic once again.

Using dermal fillers to address dark eye circles is a very delicate procedure. It is not something you would want an inexperienced and unskilled doctor to do. Always go for a consult to find out more about the doctor’s experience and request to see some photos that he might have documented from his previous cases.

Agnes Eye Bag Removal

EYE BAGS are often associated with lack of sleep. Although this may be true, the main culprit of eye bags is much more fundamental: gravity. The gravitational pull weighs down on all objects, including your skin. With age, our muscles weaken because of the lack of collagen in our body as we age. With less collagen, the skin starts to wrinkle and sag.

Studies have shown that amount of fat under the eyes actually increases over time to cause baggy lower eyelids. Other causes of eyebags include over-consumption of salty food, constant rubbing of eyes, alcohol, and smoking can accelerate the formation of eyebags.

Fortunately for most of us today, there are non-surgical option to treat eyebags. People are becoming increasingly demanding for effective results with minimal downtime.

An advanced Korean technique now allows us to perform non-surgical eyeball removal conveniently. In this 30-minute procedure, the excess fats under the eyes are melted away with micro-insulated needles delivering radiofrequency waves. The melted fats then drain out naturally via your circulatory system.

At the same time, the treatment firms the skin under the eyes by stimulating collagen production.

Agnes Eyelid Lift

DROOPY EYELIDS can be due to various medical disorders or simply a natural occurring age-related issue. Consult a doctor to get it checked if you have droopy eyelids at a young age or if the condition is affecting your eyesight, most probably due to ptosis. Ptosis is a medical term to describe the dropping of the upper eyelids. If left untreated, it can lead to astigmatism and other vision-related problems.

Once you have ruled out any medical disorders, you can consider getting an aesthetic treatment to lift your eyelids. In the past, treating droopy eyelids would mean that you had to undergo cosmetic surgery. At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we offer a non-surgical alternative – Eyelid Resus. It uses an advanced Korean technology to effectively lift sagging eyelid skin by creating micro-wounds on the skin with special micro-insulated needles that deliver radiofrequency waves. The radiofrequency waves stimulate collagen production in the eyelids, allowing them to tighten and lift.

Botox For Wrinkles

CROW’S FEET are fine lines at the corner of your eyes. They become visible when you contract your muscles in your face, especially when you smile or squint. Crow’s feet are among the first wrinkles to appear on your face. They show up as early as your 30’s. Crow’s feet are dynamic lines, which means that they only show up when you contract the muscles around the area.

Botulium toxin remains one of the most convenient and fastest way to get rid of wrinkles. When used in smaller quantities with the doctor’s experience, you can be assured that the treatment will give you a natural, youthful look. This 15-minute procedure is very safe, and you will see visible results in a week.

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