Dermal Filler Treatment: How Much is Enough?

Undergoing non-surgical treatments such as fillers, Botox, and lasers to age-proof the skin has become more widely accepted than it was several years ago. People are generally risk-averse when it comes to non-essential medical treatments.
Injectable dermal fillers make a person achieve a more youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional surgical facelift costs. Using precise injection points, the doctor fills deep-set wrinkles and hollow areas of the face in less than an hour with results lasting from 8 months to more than a year.

What Exactly is in a Syringe of Dermal Filler?

Belotero Balance dermal filler HA radium singapore

Dermal filler is a common treatment that aesthetic doctors use to improve people’s appearance. It is a procedure that involves injecting a gel-like substance under the skin which plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles and make the skin smoother.

Because of its incredible natural-looking outcome, dermal fillers are often used by doctors to increase volume and augment the face to enhance facial features.

Dermal fillers approved for use in Singapore are generally segregated into two different broad categories: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers and synthetic dermal fillers.

Common brands of HA dermal fillers are Restylane, Belotero, and Juvederm. The longevity of the result usually depends on how the body reacts and absorbs the dermal filler. Some studies show that repeated treatments may stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. As a result, less dermal filler is needed over time to achieve the same youthful appearance.

On the other hand, synthetic dermal fillers are not made of HA. Synthetic dermal fillers often last significantly longer than regular HA fillers. They often offer longer-lasting results as they include substances that are not naturally found in the body. Always remember, products that stay in the body for a long time are more likely to cause side effects. Common brands of synthetic dermal fillers are Ellanse and Radiesse.

How Much Dermal Filler is Enough?

As consumers, we trust doctors to recommend what is best for us. Operating in a highly competitive medical aesthetic environment, there’s no question that most doctors today are businessmen first and doctors second.

In order to increase revenue, some rogue doctors have no qualms about overfilling patients. Also, it is very easy to convince patients that they need more because of the amazing, visible results. Thus, it results in “Pillow Face” which we are all pretty familiar with because of putting too much dermal fillers around the eyes and cheeks.

To enjoy the best result from dermal filler treatment, it is important to seek an honest opinion and have an open discussion with your close friends and your (trusted) doctor to determine what is needed to address the problem you have. There is a fine balance between looking youthful and looking like a “Pillow Face” freak.

The main aim of a dermal filler treatment is to smoothen out the face without changing the appearance and the natural, beautiful contour of your face. Dermal fillers are also a great treatment to fill hollow spaces on the face that time has taken away from you.

After providing a deeper understanding the different types of dermal fillers and having a clearer knowledge of the treatment outcome, the skill of the doctor is ultimately the most important for him to place the right amount of filler in exactly the right place. Performing dermal filler treatment combines the art and science of beauty.

This means that finding the right (and honest) doctor who has several years of injecting dermal fillers, preferably with more than one type of filler, is the single most important first step towards getting an amazing result.

What Is The Best Dermal Filler?

Despite what the doctors or your friends tell you, there isn’t really a ‘best’ dermal filler. All of them have their benefits and associated risks. Truth is, even if there was the best dermal filler, in the hands of a lousy injector, the results can be underwhelming or even disastrous.

Another word of advice – Don’t save the hundred bucks and have your dermal filler treatment done with a doctor who has little experience in facial augmentation. Doctors with more experience usually command a premium. But believe me, it is better to pay a slight premium for a better experience and outcome than to undergo the trauma, possible risks, and corrective treatments which can be long and expensive.

Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics has accumulated more than ten years of experience in performing dermal filler treatments. He is certified as an Ellanse Trainer in May 2017. He also completed the Restylane Train the Trainer Program and is a certified trainer for Restylane in June 2016.

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