Do Good-Looking People Live Longer?

Most of us will probably agree that attractive people tend to do better in life generally. For example, they get a higher chance at landing a better job and are considered more favourably for promotions. Now there is evidence that they live longer, too.

Recently, scientists found that people with attractive faces live longer than those whose faces don’t raise pulses very much, according to a research paper published in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

In 2012, some scientists from University of Edinburgh tested whether adults who looked less attractive died before their more attractive peers. The scientists then followed the people over a seven-year period to see who died first.

The conclusion derived from the study indicated that looking older rather than looking less attractive predicted an early death. Having an attractive face is also closely related to looking younger. This is because younger people often look healthier and more attractive.

Researchers claim that good looks mean good genes. There is also a reason why we are attracted to good looking people. Not because we’re superficial, but because we are born to be attracted to people with good genes. This means that they have a higher chance of producing a healthy offspring.

Stress and aging

Stress and keeping an unhealthy lifestyle accelerates premature aging. Many studies have shown that stress are often caused by several lifestyle changes such as pregnancy, long-term unemployment, anxiety attacks, etc. Stress triggers many neural pathways that cause your cells to age more quickly.

In 2016, the U.S. spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic procedures. To put things in perspective, it is almost the same as the GDP of Brunei in 2012. Americans are one of the top spenders of cosmetic procedures in the world. Out of 4.1 million cosmetic procedures done in 2016, 387,000 were surgical procedures, and 3.7 million were minimally-invasive ones.

Minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments are gaining popularity because opting not to go under the knife is usually associated with less pain, shorter downtime, and few complications.

Younger people aged 30 to 40 usually prefer non-surgical procedures such as UltherapyHIFU treatment, dermal filler, Botox, and laser treatments. On the other hand, skin lifting treatments are usually more popular among older adults. These treatments include Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, fat freeze, and eye bag treatment.

No matter how much cosmetic procedures we undergo and regardless of how young we look, it does not prolong your lifespan. What people are fighting against is not death itself but being judged by others.

In a cruel world that judges attractiveness by how young we look, older adults are generally facing intense pressure to resort to medical aesthetic treatments to maintain their youthful appearance.

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