good aesthetic doctor
Because every person is unique, the practice of aesthetic medicine is an art as much as a science. The widely held belief that aesthetic medicine comprises only creams and medical procedures is wrong. What we are striving for is a healthier, more confident you. This can only be achieved with a sound diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced mind.

Dr Siew Tuck Wah

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Siew Tuck Wah is a familiar face in Singapore – he has spent a decade practicing Aesthetic Medicine, performing non-invasive treatments such as Lasers, Fillers, botulinum toxins, and Thread Lifts. He is passionate about topical skincare, supplements, and the use of injectable Fillers to sculpt, lift, and rejuvenate patients’ skin.

Besides seeing patients, Dr. Siew loves to teach and help other aspiring aesthetic doctors hone their craft. In the world of medical aesthetics where there is fierce competition between clinics and many doctors to choose from, one of the ways to determine if a doctor is good at what he does is to look at his portfolio. Dr. Siew stands out from the competition because he is appointed as a certified trainer for the following medical devices and treatments.

  • Galderma Asia Pacific Honorable Trainer for Restylane Train the Trainer Program
  • Ellanse Trainers’ Accreditation
  • Silhouette Soft Trainers’ Accreditation
  • Radiesse Trainers’ Accreditation and certified trainer for Radiesse dermal filler

As an appointed trainer, Dr. Siew travels regularly to impart his techniques to other doctors in South East Asia. He regularly conducts talks to the public on aesthetic medicine and related topics.

Dr. Siew places strong emphasis on building rapport with his patients, and uses his Facebook page & website to provide an easily accessible and reliable platform for the public to understand medical aesthetic procedures and learn the latest news on health and wellness.

Dr. Siew’s other great passion is in animal welfare and charity work. He is the President of SOSD (formerly Save Our Street Dogs), one of the largest animal rescue charities in Singapore, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes homeless and abandoned dogs (www.sosd.org.sg). He is a forceful animal welfare advocate, involved in the formulation of national policies to improve the treatment of animals. Through SOSD’s outreach arm, he regularly conducts talks in schools in the hope of instilling values of kindness and respect to Singapore’s youth. Through SOSD’s pet therapy programs, he brings therapy dogs to the underprivileged to bring joy and comfort to persons in need.

Dr. Siew is also very active in volunteer religious work, helping to raise funds for his Buddhist Centre, people in need, and its affiliated orphanage in Sichuan, China. In 2014, he was conferred the Junior Chamber International (JCI) award for Humanitarian and Voluntary Leadership – Like JCI, he believes that “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”.