Improve Facial Features for Good Fortune Based On Feng Shui

Chinese believe that the face is an important determinant of a person’s lot in life, and when this appears to balance both sides of the face with prosperous facial features, the powerful trinity of luck is said to be properly aligned for prosperity, wealth and good luck.

Traditionally, face reading in ancient China was a lot more than merely another way of telling one’s fortune. Physicians in ancient China looked at a person’s face and facial features to determine a person’s health and diagnose illnesses, if any. They believed that any first signs of illnesses can be seen on the face because the skin on the face is the thinnest and any minor changes to a person’s health can be determined just by examining the facial features.

Thankfully, advancements in medical sciences have led to more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions and we no longer need to rely on reading facial features to diagnose illnesses. However, Chinese today still believe that face reading can reveal a lot about a person’s true character and fate. Every facial feature – such as eyes, nose, chin, complexion, eyebrows etc – has a significant meaning to your personality and your destiny.

Face reading practitioners believe that it is possible to change your fate by altering facial features of the face. Although a person’s fate is already decided at the time of a person’s birth, there is some room to change our fate or destiny by our own efforts. These can often influence and change the course of your life.

Ways of improving quality of life with aesthetic treatments

Let’s take a look at what facial features are ideal, what they mean and what minor corrections you can make to improve your quality of life.

Clear and Bright Forehead for a Brighter Future

Beautiful Forehead Radium Medical Aesthetics

A round, full and smooth forehead indicates power, wealth and great authority.

The forehead represents your fortune and how smooth sailing your life is. Your face is like a house and your forehead, the roof of the house. An ideal forehead should be round, full and smooth with no visible marks, lines or scars.

A round, full and smooth forehead indicates power, wealth and great authority. Take great care to ensure that your forehead is clear of blemishes, spots and unsightly pimples. Moles right in the centre of the forehead should be removed as they are deemed inauspicious.

Treatments for a bright and clear forehead:

A Beautiful Nose for Good Luck and Wealth

Your nose is considered the repository of wealth. A prosperous nose would be one that is fleshy, symmetrical, with good height.

One of the most important facial features is your nose. Your nose is considered the repository of wealth.

The perfect nose for good fortune would be one that is fleshy, symmetrical, and sharp. A nose that has a high and straight bridge, with a big and round tip is desired by many. It is said that such a nose not only brings luck and wealth to the person. It also indicates sound physical health, positive mental attitude, and also denotes success in career.

Any spot – white or black, are seen as obstacles. Moles at the tip of the nose are regarded as signs of misfortunes.

Treatments to give you a clear, projected and sculpted nose:

  • SubQ Restylane Precision Facial Sculpting – This specialised filler treatment improves the nose tip and bridge projection, and gives a better nose angle.
  • K-Define Nose Lift – Using threads, this nose refining treatment adds height and structure to your nose.

Brighter and Smoother Skin for a Smooth Sailing Life


According to fundamental feng shui principles, your complexion has a direct correlation to how smooth your life will be. If you suffer from dull and dark skin with severe acne problems and blemishes, your life will be full of obstacles and road blocks.

By clearing your blemishes, scars and spots on your face, you can change your life by removing potential obstacles that may be in your way. You will find it easier to handle issues and deal with challenges when life throws you a problem if you have clearer and brighter skin. You will also notice that you will have less obstacles in your life.

Treatments to give you glowing and smooth skin:

  • SkinBoosters uses micro droplets of restylane skinbooster fillers to improve skin tone, hydration, texture, and fine lines.
  • Skin Illumination Program removes pigmentation and evens out skin tone, with the use of gentle exfoliation, pigment reducing lasers, and infusion of skin brightening actives
  • Skin Brilliance Program is a gentle resurfacing treatment which allows new, luminous skin to grow, and allows customised active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Well-Defined and Hydrated Lips for Powerful Speech

In Chinese face reading, the lips frame the dominant feature of the face. It also acts as the entrance to the body, therefore the mouth is traditionally one of the most important facial features to face reading practitioners. Lips is known as one of the major rivers of the face.

Irrespective of the size and shape, lips should never appear dry and cracked because poorly moisturized and cracked lips indicate a lack of water in the river. Water represents abundance and prosperity. To encourage prosperity in your life, it is important that the lips stay soft, supple, and shapely. The shape of your lips also gives you the power of persuasion. It is imperative that the shape of the lips is symmetrical and luscious. The ideal ratio of the height of the upper lip to the lower one is 1.4:1.6.

As we age, the fat at the corner of the lips disappear, resulting in the downward look. The face ends up looking sad and depressed – which is not good for people who want to attract positive energies and wealth into their lives.

The area in the middle of the upper lip, also called the Cupid’s Bow, straightens with age and loses its shape. The Cupid’s Bow is an area that is often neglected in Chinese face reading because it takes up only a small space on the face. However, the Cupid’s Bow bestows a person the mighty gift of the gab and provides the person the power to convince others by their speech. Having a defined Cupid’s Bow brings good fortune to the person.

Treatments which help you to attain the power of persuasion:

  • Filler Lip Redefinition to shape, moisturize your lips, and restore youthfulness and volume
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    Well defined, hydrated lips gives you the power of persuasion while a proportionate, prominent chin ensure longevity

Prominent Chin to Enjoy Prosperity and Longevity

The chin defines the structure and the person’s face shape. The chin is also known as the ‘mountain’ of your face. It is the trinity of 天, 地, 人. The chin needs to be protruding and prominent in order to enjoy good wealth, longevity, and prosperity. Having a strong chin and jawline means that you will blessed with a long life. A receding chin is a sign of misfortune in old age, or in some cases, it can even be a sign of premature death in some serious cases.

Treatments for a stronger, more proportionate chin:

Bright Eyes to Achieve Greater Vitality

Eye Revival Program Radium Medical Aesthetics

In face reading, a good pair of eyes should have large pupils and clear whites. The eyelids should be lifted to look more youthful and energetic.

In face reading, your eyes determine your intelligence and temperament. As the saying goes – “The eyes are the window to your soul”. The eyes indicate good fortune when they are big and bright. The eyes in face reading is one of the most important features.

A good pair of eyes should have large pupils and clear whites. The eyelids should be lifted to look more youthful and energetic. Lively and bright eye naturally make you look more intelligent and energetic and this is characterized by lifted eyelids.

Droopy and sleepy eyes signify a lack of vitality and energy. Such eyes also bestow bad luck and ill fate to the person. Eyes should ideally be clear of lines, wrinkles and eye bags as these are seen as obstructions to having a pair of clear and bright eyes.

Treatments which help you achieve a pair of captivating, lively eyes:

Glowing Cheeks for Good Fortune

Finally, a pair of well-shaped cheekbones stands out prominently and appear bright and shiny. According the the art of face reading, having a strong set of cheekbones will increase your chance of achieving greater success in your career.

Keeping your cheeks fleshy and round is one of the best ways to welcome wealth and prosperity into your life. Sunken, bony cheeks means there is excessive yang – and that is not good. A pair of fleshy, round and well-balanced cheeks is essential to attract wealth and abundance.

Treatments for a pair of well-defined cheeks to attract wealth and abundance:

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