Fillers and Nose Thread Lift For a Beautiful Nose

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In the art of face reading, the nose is one of the most important features of the face. Strategically placed in the middle of the face, it is the yin spot and it represents one of the rivers of the face. The bridge of the nose represents health and the tip represents wealth. Even if we disregard the ancient Chinese practice of face reading, based on societal perceptions on beauty, a sharp, straight nose with a high bridge immediately catches people’s attention to your face. We notice that many Asians are going to their aesthetic doctors for nose thread lift or nose filler procedure. But why mostly Asians, you may ask.

Unfortunately, Asians are often born with a flat, poorly-defined nose. It is no surprise that rhinoplasty is popular in Asia – many of us hope to improve their overall appearance by defining the nose bridge and lifting the tip. Although rhinoplasty still remains the most common treatment for correcting and reconstructing the nose, many non-surgical methods are gaining popularity with demanding consumers simply because of the minimal downtime and time required off work. These are 2 options you can consider:

Nose Fillers with Ellanse

Ellanse Dermal FillerFillers to enhance the definition of the nose bridge and lift the nose tip is one of the most convenient, non-surgical option available. There is a wide variety of dermal fillers that doctors use to augment the nose. The main ingredient in many dermal fillers (such as Juvederm XC, Restylane) is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA has been proven to be very popular among patients because it is very safe as it is naturally found in the body. HA is known for adding volume by absorbing water to contour and augment the injected area. Unfortunately, such dermal fillers last for slightly less than a year, although repeating the treatment just before the result from the previous time wears off can prolong the lifespan of the subsequent treatment.

Unlike HA fillers, Ellanse works as a bio-stimulator of collagen with results lasting for at least 2 years. Some reports have indicated that results are seen for as long as 4 to 5 years after the procedure. Ellanse is completely safe and highly versatile. It is made of a biodegradable polyester called Poly-Caprolactone (PCl). Its unique elasticity and optimum viscosity makes Ellanse hard enough to sculpt and lift flat areas of the face, yet mouldable to provide volume to deficient areas of the face.

Ellanse is ideal for people who want to improve facial contours and provide visible lifting to the nose without the need for any surgery, with result lasting up to 4 years.

Korean PDO Nose Thread Lift

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K-Lift Nose Augmentation

Popularly known in Korea as ‘lunch-time’ nose job, this 30-minute procedure is gaining popularity in Singapore.

The threads used in K-Define Nose Thread Lift are made of polydioxanone (PDO). They are bio-compatible and dissolve in 6months. During the procedure, threads of different lengths are inserted into the nose to provide the desired amount of projection. Extending the theory of the golden ratio, an ideal nasofacial angle should be about 30-40 degrees and nasomental angle, 120-132 degrees. You can expect better nose bridge with better definition. The nose tip will also appear visibly lifted.

As the PDO threads dissolve over the next few months, they will continue stimulate the growth of connective tissues called fibroblasts and collagen to maintain the definition of the nose. The result from a single treatment can last for about 1 year, although repeating the procedure just before the effect completely wears off will significantly prolongs the effects to up to 3 years.

K-Define Nose Lift is a favourite among our patients because it can be completed in less than half and hour and has minimal downtime compared to traditional rhinoplasty. It gives more definition compared to fillers, and serves as a a good middle ground between fillers and a surgical implant.

Which Is More Suitable For My Nose: Nose Fillers or Nose Thread Lift?

We are seeing a stronger preference for the nose thread lift procedure because it is an excellent way to visibly increase the height of one’s nose in just 30 minutes. Injecting fillers in the nose carries some risks – the most serious being blindness. Although this is extremely rare, it can happen if the filler enters the blood vessel during injection, which then causes arterial embolization of the retinal artery, and irreversible blindness.

Depending on the choice of HA filler and where it is injected, the filler in the nose can sometimes shift out of position, leaving your nose bridge broader and out of shape.

Schedule a consultation session with your doctor to understand more about your non-surgical nose augmentation options and discuss the outcome you hope to achieve from the treatment. The doctor will recommend either one or combination of both treatments to give you the best desired results.

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  1. Zulie

    Hi Doctor,

    Need your professional advise. I did ellanse fillers 2 months ago and hiko nose thread on my nose tip last week but i notice my fillers keep coming out when i wash my face in soft white gel form. And also there is a small hole still on my nose which its possible for the fillers to be out whenever i press it. I wish to do ellanse fillers for my nose bridge n my chin. It is normal for my case? I feel like i saw a thread but there is no feeling of sharpness. Hope to hear from you soon

    1. radium_admin

      Hi Zulie,

      Sorry to hear about your current situation. You should go back to the same doctor who did the treatment for you to resolve the issues you raised.

      Hope you get it resolved as soon as possible.

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