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For some people, making a wrong choice during their younger days can spiral into unexpected twists and turns, setting one a wrong life path. Former offenders often face challenging and difficult journey on getting back on the right path. The process of recovery is often hindered by prejudice and discrimination.

Radium’s Tattoo Removal Programme helps former offenders remove their unwanted marks on their body, giving them another chance to restart their lives.

a reminder of the painful past

Personal expression, social influence, peer pressure are some of the most common reasons people for inking their bodies. For a long time, tattoo has been regarded as a sign of fashion. Over time, the excitement and novelty of having a tattoo wear off, regretting their decision of getting a tattoo.

For some people, these tattoos could be gang-related or a reminder of their painful past. In order to restart a new life, some of these former offenders want to remove unwanted, unsightly marks on their body.

Tattoo Removal Programme

We understand that tattoo removal can be an expensive and a long-drawn-out process that requires repeated treatments. On average, it takes about 10 sessions to remove a tattoo, and each session costs about S$300 for a small area.

At Radium, we give back to the community by helping former offenders to get rid of their tattoo regret, giving them a better chance of finding a job and reintegrate into the society.

Just like our slogan, we want to help people regain their confidence, give them new hope and another chance at life.

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We welcome you to write in to us at [email protected] to assess your suitability to be part of our Radium’s Tattoo Removal Programme.