Hair Removal – What Are Your Choices?

If you struggle with hairy issues, don’t worry. You are not alone. Hair removal ranks as one of the most common aesthetic procedures in the world. Hair removal can be done purely for cosmetic reasons, or sometimes medical ones – such as ingrown hair causing scarring. Particularly for ladies, hair removal is becoming an essential activity of the grooming ritual rather than an indulgence.Many methods of hair removal are available. Depending on which method you choose, this unavoidable ritual can be can be painful, expensive or time-consuming.

With so many ways to get rid of body hair, from shaving to waxing to laser hair removal, what are the pros and cons of each method? Here’s everything you need to know about shaving, waxing, depilatory cream, laser removal, and IPL.

Hair Removal – Shaving

Shaving can cause skin irritation and inflammation of the hair follicles

Shaving can cause skin irritation and inflammation of the hair follicles.

WHAT We should all be most familiar with this option. Shaving is probably our first experience when we wanted to remove body hair. Shaving is probably the most convenient way to remove body hair. Shaving removes surface hair and slices the hairs down to the same level as the skin.

COST Anywhere between S$2 and $30 depending on what type of manual shaver you choose. It is recommended to replace the blades every 10 to 15 days. Electric shavers can cost up to $750.

PAIN SCALE 4 or 8 (if you cut yourself). Even if you don’t cut yourself, there is a high chance you can suffer from annoying effects like razor burns and razor bumps from all the shaving you do.

HAIR REGROWTH The hairs will grow back in less than 3 days as the hairs above the skin surface are removed.

Hair Removal – Waxing

waxingWHAT Probably one of the most uncomfortable option to remove body hair because the process involves removing the hair from the root – one area at a time. You apply hot wax to the skin which sticks to the hairs. Once the hairs are firmly held by the wax after the wax hardens, the wax strip is then quickly ripped off, pulling the hairs with it.

COST Usually anywhere between $15 to $150 depending on the area.

PAIN SCALE Undeniably a 9. Removing large amount of hairs from an area can be quite painful. Not forgetting you can possibly be scalded by the hot wax if the treatment is not done properly.

HAIR REGROWTH It takes about 7-10 days before you will see some hair growth again since the hairs are removed from the roots.

Hair Removal – Depilatory Cream

Depilatory Cream

WHAT Depilatory cream works by dissolving the hairs. Generous amount of cream is smeared on the area and you leave it in for a few minutes. Wipe it off and the area will be smooth.  These depilatory creams remove only surface hairs. They work well only on fine hairs as the chemical in the creams generally don’t respond very well to coarser hairs. The chemicals present in the cream are mainly calcium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide. These chemicals cause strong and offensive odour. Some creams may contain additional fragrances to mask the smell and as a result, these additional chemicals may also cause irritation to the skin.

COST Usually anywhere between $10 to $30.

PAIN SCALE 0 (but the smell can be horrendous!)

HAIR REGROWTH Hair regrowth is very fast and you have to do this very often because only surface hairs are removed – Probably 3 days or less. Hair regrowth rate is similar to shaving.

Hair Removal – Laser Treatment

WHAT Laser hair removal technology works by delivering heat to the unwanted hair and damage the follicles. It destroys the follicles and prevents them from producing more hair. Note that laser hair removal is approved by FDA for hair reduction and not hair removal. This means that there is still a chance for hair to regrow. Laser hair removal can be expensive and there can be side effects ranging from itching, swelling and redness at the treated area.

COST Starts from $50 for small area to $1,800 for big areas.

PAIN SCALE 6. It is usually described as being snapped by rubber bands repeatedly. How painful it is depends on what your tolerance level is.

HAIR REGROWTH It takes about 8 to 10 sessions of regular treatments in the initial phase to curb the hair growth.

Hair Removal – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

laser treatment for hair removalWHAT As the name suggests, IPL uses a light-based devise to destroy the hair follicles. IPL works by emitting light which is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair. It heats the pigment which then destroys the growing cells responsible for hair growth. IPL works best on people with fair skin and dark hair. This treatment may not be appropriate for people with darker skin. For people who tend to suffer from ingrown hairs, IPL is a good solution to curb hair growth instead of shaving daily.

COST Starts from $25 for small area to $900 for big areas.

PAIN SCALE 4. It is usually described as sudden burst of bright light with slight warmth. The treatment is usually described as comfortable but there may be some burning smell because the hair follicles and pigments are destroyed during the treatment.

HAIR REGROWTH It takes about 8 to 10 sessions of regular treatment once every 3 weeks to see reduction of hair growth.

IPL is an excellent treatment to removal hair. However, it is not suitable for darker skin types (5 and 6). Laser hair removal will be a better choice in these cases. For both IPL and Laser, temporary side effects such as itching, redness, swelling around treatment area or swelling of the follicles can occur. These are often more severe in laser hair removal compared to IPL as the energy delivered is higher. All things aside, IPL hair removal is a more cost-effective hair removal treatment, with less discomfort, and with similar results to laser hair removal.

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