Key Things to Know About Profhilo: An Anti-Ageing Injectable Treatment in Singapore

In this modern, fast-paced environment, quick fixes are all the rage right now. Busy people like you and I are seeking out treatments that can provide instant, visible results. As far as beauty treatments are concerned, injectables are always the best in terms of convenience and immediate results.

Just in 2018 alone, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 7.4 million botulinum toxin injections and 2.6 million dermal filler injections were administered.

Just like IT gadgets and smartphones, people are always curious and are always seeking out newer, better treatments to achieve younger-looking appearance.

Recently, Profhilo has become very popular and it is the talk of the town. What is the buzz about Profhilo and why is it gaining steam the past year?

What is Profhilo treatment?

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Profhilo is an injectable treatment created and produced by an Italian pharmaceutical company called IBSA Farmaceutici. It is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity.

It is an injectable treatment that has one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market, containing 64mg of HA per 2ml syringe. It not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue at the same time.

It was approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore on 17 July 2020 as an injectable treatment to reverse physiological process of skin ageing and reduced hydration by altering the elastic fibers and remodels the collagen in the dermis.

Is Profhilo a dermal filler?

Profhilo is a BDDE-free HA injectable treatment. BDDE is short for 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl, a crosslinker, or a unique compound that binds the HA chain together to stop them from breaking down in the body.

BDDE is a common crosslinker that is found in most HA dermal filler as it is required to stabilise the HA molecules.

BDDE is a synthetic compound so some people may not be too keen to inject a foreign, synthetic chemical compound into their skin.

With no cross-linking compound present in Profhilo, how does it stabilise its HA? It uses a patented NAHYCO Hybrid technology to create new hydrogen bonds, after breaking its natural bonds, forming hybrid cooperative complexes, which are very stable.

Profhilo is technically not a dermal filler. It is a product of its own kind because of the absence of BDDE to bind the HA.

How long does Profhilo treatment last?

Treatment Regimes for Profhilo

Profhilo is known to be more compatible with the body as compared to regular HA dermal fillers because of the lack of BDDE.

Although one treatment of Profhilo can last few 6 to 9 months, doctors recommend a course of 2 sessions 4 weeks apart, followed by a repeat of two sessions every 6 months for maintenance. Studies have shown that anti-ageing results can last for as long as 12 to 18 months, but results may differ from person to person.

Is Profhilo better than dermal fillers?

To answer this question, we need to first understand the compounds in Profhilo and other HA dermal fillers. Most HA dermal fillers contain BDDE and have only 1 type of HA molecule. Such HA dermal fillers are used for the specific purpose such as hydration, facial sculpting or volume replacement.

However, Profhilo contains 2 types of HA molecules with different molecular weights to perform specific functions. When injected into the skin, the high HA molecules hold the skin together and the low HA molecules work on the deep dermal layers by hydrating and remodelling the collagen and elastin fibers.

Profhilo is not designed to replace volume or sculpt facial features. Instead, it is used to improve overall firmness and elasticity of the skin.

People who are adamant about undergoing a dermal filler treatment for fear of unnatural, pillow-faced appearance, you can be assured that this will never happen with Profhilo. Its aim is to iron out fine lines and wrinkles and provide subtle skin lifting without having to undergo separate treatments of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, which could potentially cause unnatural results.

How is Profhilo administered?

One of the unique features of Profhilo treatment is the use of BAP technique to administer the treatment. BAP stands for Bio Aesthetic Points. The BAP technique was specifically designed by IBSA for Profhilo.

These specific BAP points are created using CT scanning to determine the maximum spreading of the contents in the facial tissue. Each of these 5 points are injected with precisely 0.2ml of Profhilo subdermally to give the best uniform spread on the face. The spread will be further enhanced by the action of the mimetic muscle movement of the face.

One huge benefit of the BAP technique is that these points are far away from major arteries, veins and nerves, thereby reducing the risks of bleeding, bruising and other intra-vascular damage that are associated with dermal fillers.

In addition, the downtime of Profhilo treatment is minimal because of the few injection points on the face compared to a skinbooster treatment. A couple of hours with some light massage and post-treatment care, you can go about your daily life.

What should you not do after Profhilo?

Just like a dermal filler or skinbooster treatment, you may resume your daily activities immediately. You may also shower and wash your face and apply make-up. However, mineral-based make-up is preferred to allow your skin to breathe.

As it is an injectable treatment, the treated areas may feel slightly tense or sore for a few days. You may also sustain some minor skin redness, itching, or pain for a few days. However, these side effects are expected to resolve in a matter of a few days.

To minimise bruising and expedite the healing process, it is best to avoid the following activities for the next 24 hours:

  • Drink alcohol
  • Consume Aspirin and other NSAIDS
  • Take blood-thinning supplements such as Vitamin E, ginseng, garlic
  • Visit a sauna or partake in intense exercises or hot yoga

During the next 3 to 4 days, avoid massaging your face and applying strong pressure on the treated area.

Although rare, infections may occur. Infections usually present as increasing pain, skin redness and inflammation in the treated area.  If such unfortunate event do occurs, seek medical attention and follow up with your doctor.

What is the cost of Profhilo treatment?

The pricing of Profhilo treatment is well-regulated by its distributors. The price of each syringe is kept at a price range of between $1,000 and $1,500.

Can Profhilo be combined with other treatments?

Profhilo can be combined with other aesthetic treatments to achieve optimal anti-ageing outcome. For example:

PROFHILO AND BOTULINUM TOXIN For a more effective treatment to even out fine lines and wrinkles, combining both treatments can address this skin concern by using different mechanics. Botulinum toxin works by weakening and temporarily deactivating muscles that cause wrinkles. When Profhilo is injected, it smooths out the creases and fine lines, giving the skin a more even and wrinkle-free appearance.

If injected at the right places, this combination therapy can even give a more visible, yet natural skin lifting outcome.

PROFHILO AND DERMAL FILLERS Combining these two treatments gives you the flexibility to achieve the following beneficial outcome: Skin lifting and tightening, facial augmentation, improvement in skin texture and overall radiance boost.

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PROFHILO AND ENERGY-BASED DEVICES Combining Profhilo and energy-based devices such as Ultherapy or Genius RF microneedling can give a more pronounced skin lifting and tightening result with visible reduction of wrinkles and overall improvement of skin texture.

Is Profhilo better than Botox?

Just like dermal fillers, Profhilo works differently from botulinum toxin. Once you understand the mechanism of botulinum toxin and Profhilo, it is not difficult to determine which treatment is more suitable for you.

DescriptionBotulinum ToxinProfhilo
ComponentNeurotoxic protein produced by Clostridium botulinumHybrid cooperative complexes of H-HA and L-HA molecules
How it worksTemporarily deactivates dynamic muscles and reduces wrinklesHydrates and lifts saggy skin and remodels collagen and elastin fibers
What does it treat?Wrinkles and fine linesSkin laxity, wrinkles and fine lines
RisksMay cause unnatural results if wrong dosage and/or wrong muscles are injectedMinimal risk due to the BAP points that are clearly mapped out
How long does it last?3 to 6 monthsAt least 12 months or longer if programme is completed
Best forUpper face such as forehead lines and crow’s feetImproving overall skin texture and addressing skin laxity

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