Acne Elimination Facial Programme

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Acne Elimination Facial Programme

Affordable Facial-Based Acne Treatment

Acne affects a large number of people, especially adolescents, and is a major source of embarrassment for many sufferers. It is common for those suffering from acne to feel self-conscious, embarrassed, and helpless. In fact, the embarrassment that acne sufferers feel can lead to low self-confidence, feelings of isolation, and even social withdrawal.

Intensive non-laser acne treatment programme

This 6-session intensive facial programme targets the root of your acne problem, using a multi-pronged approach. Acne Elimination Facial Programme eradicates pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, improve clogged pores, and clears away dark and red acne scars using medical-grade deep cleansing treatments.

Acne Elimination Facial Programme features deep cleansing with ultrasonic waves, LED Blue Light to kill acne-causing bacteria also known as propionibacterium acnes, LED Red Light to heal red, irritated, and inflamed skin. The treatments work together synegistically to reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin, and keep even the more stubborn cases of acne at bay.

How often should I undergo this programme?

You should ideally come in once every 4 weeks for the treatment. This programme should last 6 months.

Is Acne Elimination Facial Programme safe?

This affordable acne treatment programme is designed specially for people who are not keen to try more invasive, advanced medical treatments which can potentially have longer downtime and can be more costly.

Conventional acne treatment protocol usually involves topical and systemic antibiotics, steroids, and hormonal medicines. Acne Elimination Facial Programme is suitable for those who are not keen to be to embark on a course of oral medication to treat acne.

Acne Elimination Facial Programme uses LED Light therapy and ultrasonic cleansing which are very gentle on the skin.

Who is a suitable candidate for Acne Elimination Facial Programme?

Acne Elimination Facial Program offers a safe and effective treatment plan for anyone who does not wish to consume oral medications, or undergo other treatments which can be more costly and have longer downtime.

  • Reduces skin redness and inflammation of acne
  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
  • Does not require oral medication
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