Eye Revival Ultimate Programme

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Eye Revival Ultimate Programme

Non-Surgical Eye Treatments Using Combination Lasers

Suffering from fatigued and overworked eyes is one of the most common complaints of people today. This is a result of staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time which puts a strain on your eyes. Other factors such as poor lighting can also contribute to computer-related eye strain.

Eye strain may reduce your productivity at work and cause headaches. Although simple eye exercises may help relieve computer-related eye strain, it does not renew the skin around the eyes to make you look fresher.

Remedy for tired-looking eyes

Eye Revival Ultimate Programme is an intense eye renewal program for tired undereyes and droopy eyelids.

Eye Revival Ultimate Programme features Refresh Dark Eye Circle Laser which uses combination laser therapy – including copper bromide, q-switched, and Nd-Yag, to specifically target stubborn dark eye circles. At the same time, the skin around your eyes undergo a transformation through a removal and renewal process – so that you will experience a visible eye lift, and tighter, firmer skin around the area.

Each session of Eye Revival Ultimate Programme also feature an Eye Bright Laser Lift to tone the eyes and reduce puffiness around the eyes. It is a gentle, no downtime laser treatment that gives you a long-lasting, eye rejuvenation result.

What is the downtime associated with Eye Revival Ultimate Programme?

You may experience some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment. However, these side effects should resolve on its own in a few days.

It is important to stay out of the sun and apply sunscreen and moisturiser regularly to protect the skin after the laser treatment.

How often do I have to undergo the treatment?

The number of sessions depends on the program you sign up for. The recommended interval between the treatments is between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the program.

You need to consult a doctor before embarking on a Eye Revival Ultimate Programme. He will discuss the options and recommend a suitable program depending on the outcome you want to achieve.

When will I see results?

You should be able to see visible, effective result even after one session. Your once tired looking eyes will become more brighter as your eyelids become more lifted and the skin around eyes become tighter and firmer.

  • Firmer undereye and eyelid skin
  • Reduced dark eye circles
  • Lifting of eyelids
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lifted eye contours
  • Reduction of eyebags
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