Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme

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Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme

Laser skin tightening is a popular, safe and comfortable way to age-proof your skin from the ravages of time.

Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme is designed for people who prefer laser treatments to injectables such as dermal fillers to enjoy the skin-lifting benefits without the potential adverse effects and downtime. At the same time, this programme helps to reduce superficial skin concerns such as pigmentations and enlarged pores.

Combining Fotona 4D skin-lifting protocol and RF technology

Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme combines 2 skin-lifting technologies by targeting all layers of the skin, from the superficial imperfections to the deeper connective tissues of the skin.

The 4D represents the 4-step process of overall skin rejuvenation protocol offered by Fotona SP Dynamis device.

1D: SMOOTHLIFTIN™ The first step begins with the inside of the mouth. A gentle laser is applied intraorally specifically to reduce nasolabial folds and wrinkles from the inside of the mouth. Upon contact with the laser, it also kickstarts the tightening process around the jawline and perioral region. Just like how dermal fillers are often used to fill the nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth, this treatment reduces the expression lines by stimulating collagen production.

2D: FRAC3® The 2nd step of Fotona 4D is to specifically target the deep lines and pigments on the skin and improve overall skin texture through its self-induced, non-ablative 3D fractional effects on the skin. FRAC3 laser produces a 3D thermal damage structure in precise locations of ageing skin, yielding better anti-ageing results.

3D: PIANO® Piano mode is a proprietary laser that distributes controlled super long pulse durations of laser energy to the skin. This non-ablative function of the Nd:YAG laser enables deep penetration of heat energy that induce deep bulk heating of the dermis to gradually raise temperature in the skin to stimulate collagen production. Any area of the body that requires skin tightening will greatly benefit from this treatment.

4D: SUPERFICIAL™ The Fotona 4D treatment ends with a gentle, light laser peel to improve the skin texture and overall appearance of the skin to address superficial imperfections. The Superficial function aims to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and reduce superficial fine lines and tighten open pores.

To further enhance the skin-tightening capabilities to achieve the highly sought-after V-shaped facial contour, we heat the subcutaneous tissue with radiofrequency waves for long-term skin tightening and firming.


TriPollar is technology combines two effective technologies – TriLipo Radiofrequency and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation – to work synergistically to stimulate collagen fibers in the skin. This causes them to contract, resulting in skin tightening and smoothening of the overall texture of the face. TriPollar technology delivers focused radiofrequency energy to all layers of the skin in a controlled manner via the electrodes. In addition, the deep heating accelerates fat cell metabolism to reduce visible excess fatty tissue in the face to achieve more defined facial contours.

What is the downtime of Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme?

This programme uses only non-invasive technologies to restore the youthful appearance, improve skin laxity and elasticity without the use of injectables.

You may experience mild skin redness immediately after the procedure. However, the redness should subside within a day.

You can resume your daily activities after your procedure. Make sure you apply a lightweight moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated during the recovery period.

Can Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme be combined with other skin lifting treatments?

This programme is designed to offer effective, long-lasting skin-tightening capabilities without the need to undergo injectable treatments for people with mild to moderate skin laxity.

In more severe cases of skin sagging, your doctor may recommend that you combine Fotona 4D V-Lift Programme with other treatments such as Ultherapy, dermal fillers or even thread lift.

A consultation with your doctor is necessary to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you.

  • Achieve skin tightening without surgery
  • Lifting of sagging skin, jowls, cheeks and eyes
  • Improve overall skin texture
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten enlarged pores to achieve smoother, firmer skin
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