Pico Pigment Removal Programme

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Pico Pigment Removal Programme

Why does pigmentation occur?

There are special cells in our body called melanocytes which produce melanin – a pigment in our skin that determines our skin colour. Darker-skinned types have more melanin in their skin than lighter-skinned types. Pigmentation disorder occurs when these cells become damaged or unhealthy, resulting in abnormal production and deposition of melanin. This results in the appearance of dark pigmented spots or patches on the skin. This can take on the form of sun spots, freckles, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and even melasma.

Pigmentation disorders can often be complex and be due to a variety of factors namely exposure to UV rays, genetics, hormonal changes, medication. What makes this worse is that all this cell damage can actually accumulate in your skin over time for 10, 20 years before it starts to emerge on your skin! This means that pigmentation on your skin will only continue to increase in size and numbers with age.

PicoSure Laser: the latest laser technology that delivers faster and more effective results

Look forward to achieving a flawless youthful complexion today with the Pico Pigment Removal Programme. PicoSure laser utilizes a new generation of laser technology which can precisely target your pigmentation spots by shattering the pigments using photoacoustic energy instead of photothermal energy. This translates to less heat and thus a significant reduction in the risks of burning, scarring, damage to skin tissues and other side effects relating to traditional laser treatments.

PicoSure laser is a 755nm wavelength Alexandrite laser that delivers ultrashort pulses in picoseconds as compared to the traditional Q-switched lasers which delivers laser pulses in nanoseconds. By delivering laser pulses that are 10 times shorter in duration, more laser pulses can be delivered with each pulse staying on the skin for a shorter duration. This means that each laser treatment is more precise and effective, while causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

What to expect

This is a fuss free treatment that is specially formulated to deal with hyperpigmentation issues and can be completed within 30 minutes. Depending on the type and extent of pigmentation, the number of treatment sessions can range between 3-6 sessions. The Pico Pigment Removal Programme is best done in intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Effectively removes pigments such as solar lentigo (age spots) and freckles
  • Brightens dull and uneven skin tone
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