Shining Bright Skin Programme

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Shining Bright Skin Programme

Achieve Brighter, Luminous Skin with Dual Yellow Laser

Dull skin is one of the most common skincare problems that people have. When people say that their skin is dull and sallow, they generally mean that their skin is lacking in radiance that is often associated with youthful, brighter skin. The term ‘dull skin’ is also often used to describe people who have skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone that prevent them from having luminous skin.

Causes of Dull Skin

Dull skin can be attributed to several reasons such as poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration, and lack of sleep. Basically, any lifestyle habits or activities that deprive your skin of oxygen and nutrients will result in poor blood circulation in your face.

Another possible cause for a lacklustre complexion is the accumulation of dead skin cells on top layer of the skin. A lack of exfoliation can cause a person to have dull skin. When you fail to regularly exfoliate your skin, dirt and dust get clogged in your pores, preventing newer, brighter skin below from coming to the surface.

Revitalise Your Complexion with Shining Bright Skin Programme

Shining Bright Skin Programme leverages on the advanced Dual Yellow Laser to instantly brighten the face and improve the skin tone. It has become one of the most popular treatments in Singapore because of its effectiveness and minimal to no downtime after the procedure.

Relying on a copper bromide based laser technology, Dual Yellow Laser offers multi-wavelength capability to specifically treat different types of skin pigmentation including melasma and age spots.

Using the shining bright function of the Dual Yellow Laser, the laser will penetrate deep into the skin without harming surrounding tissue. Because of its unique capability of breaking down the pigments in the skin without causing any collateral damage, it has become a hugely popular skin brightening treatment amongst doctors and patients alike.

How Often Must I Come For Treatment?

This treatment is a very straightforward skin brightening treatment that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Shining Bright Skin Programme is best done in intervals of 2 to 3 weeks, depending on what the doctor recommends.

How Do I Know If I Am Suitable for Shining Bright Skin Programme?

Shining Bright Skin Programme uses the shining bright function of the Dual Yellow Laser.

Unlike conventional laser treatments, Dual Yellow Laser does not break the skin. Instead, an intense green/ yellow beam penetrates the skin to break down and destroy the pigments to achieve a luminous complexion. Since no skin is broken and no damage is done on surrounding tissue, the downtime is negligible, making it one of the safest, yet effective laser treatments for skin brightening.

  • Achieve brighter, more luminous skin
  • Reduce appearance of skin pigmentation
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