Sylfirm Remodelling Programme

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Sylfirm Remodelling Programme

Treat the Fundamental Cause of Skin Problems

Very often, the culprit behind many common skin conditions is due to dermal inflammation and abnormal proliferation of dermal blood vessels. Overdoing skin treatments with harsh products, strong chemical peels, over exfoliation and overzealous laser treatments can often compromise the skin barrier and result in even more dermal inflammation.

If you are suffering from melasma, rosacea, skin redness or a tendency to develop post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, reset your sensitive and irritated skin with this game changing skin remodelling programme.

Sylfirm utilises bipolar radiofrequency technology delivered via a microneedle system to repair your skin from its very foundation. This skin restoring treatment selectively and safely heals specific areas of the skin by destroying abnormal blood vessels in the dermis without compromising the integrity of the epidermis.

This treatment also minimizes the recurrence of skin problems caused by over-proliferation of blood vessels.

Strengthen the basement membrane of your skin

The basement membrane of the skin which forms the foundation of epidermal integrity can be weakened by aging processes as well as UV light. Sylfirm aims to strengthen the basement membrane thereby blocking melanin migration from the epidermis to dermis. At the same time, this treatment stabilizes the epidermis and reforms vessels in the dermis, therefore accelerating regeneration of skin tissue.

By inducing dermal collagen re-generation and remodelling, the skin is tightened, resulting in improvement in skin laxity, wrinkles and smaller pores.

Other benefits include noticeably healthier, firmer skin, improvement in peri-orbital wrinkles and a brighter skin tone.

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Effective for treating recalcitrant melasma

Melanogenesis in melasma is complex and not fully understood. Very often, simply targeting melanin production with lasers and chemical peels can worsen the condition because the underlying aetiology is not addressed. Patients with melasma often have a slightly abnormal skin barrier and as a result, overly aggressive treatments can worsen the skin condition by agitating the vessels in the skin.

Sylfirm is highly suitable for patients suffering from recalcitrant melasma that either worsened or did not respond to other treatments. With the Sylfirm Skin Remodelling Programme, you can break the vicious cycle of skin damaging treatments and restore health to your skin.

Remodel your skin

sylfirm radium laser melasma singapore

Improve the overall appearance of your skin while targeting your main concerns with this skin strengthening treatment. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and is best done in 2-4-week intervals. Results start to be visible after 3 treatments. For patients with troubled skin, it is recommended to complete at least 6 sessions to fully harness the skin repairing benefits.

This treatment is followed by LED Red Light which reduces any post procedure redness, promotes skin healing and aids collagen production.

Apart for some mild redness which disappears after a couple of hours, this treatment has almost no downtime.

  • Treats stubborn and recurring pigmentation
  • Reduces skin redness and rosacea
  • Reduces visible appearance of post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Improves overall skin tone and texture
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