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Tummy Sculpting Programme

Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat and Love Handles

A little bit of fat around the belly is necessary to keep the body healthy because it provides a layer of protection for the stomach, intestines, and other organs in the body. However, accumulating excess belly fat can be bad for your health. Getting a toned and ripped tummy is a mammoth undertaking. Studies have shown that doing abdominal exercises alone does not help you achieve any reduction of subcutaneous fat around the tummy or attain a slimmer waist. Belly fat can be challenging to get rid of because our regular daily lifestyle does not help to shed our girth. Some common contributing factors are:

  • Constant stress from work and family
  • Consuming all forms of sugar, especially fructose in daily food intake such as honey, agave, white rice, and bread
  • Irregular meal times

In-house proprietary treatment to reduce belly fat

Our Tummy Slimming Programme may consist of up to 3 fat-busting technologies: Fat freeze, Shockwave therapy, and TriLipo.

FAT FREEZE is a non-invasive procedure that selectively freezes stubborn fat tissues that cannot seem to go away regardless of all efforts through diet and exercise. It uses a controlled cooling mechanism to bring down the temperature of the fat cells within the range of -5 to 5°C. This induces death of only the subcutaneous fat cells, leaving all other healthy cells unharmed.

TRILIPO treatment is another advanced non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency waves. It works on all layers of the skin to provide a total anti-aging and body contouring outcome. It uses deep volumetric heating to achieve effective fat removal by increasing fat metabolism. The radiofrequency waves induces fat cells to release liquefied fat. The mechanical action of the applicator encourages lymphatic drainage of the liquefied fat.

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is an age-old technology used by several disciplines such as sports medicine, physiotherapy, and orthopedics for treating chronic pain and restore mobility. In recent years, doctors have found that Shockwave Therapy is able to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. The constant pressure that is applied on the treated area improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Combing these powerful fat-busting technologies, you can be sure that we can transform you from ‘flab to fab’ in no time.


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    Non-surgical, non-invasive method to reduce tummy fat
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    Minimal downtime and risks
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    Reduce stubborn fat around tummy and love handles

Best For

Men and women with stubborn pockets of tummy fat and loose skin around the waist and abdomen but are not keen to try any invasive treatment options for removing tummy fat.

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