Shedding Stubborn Fats with Fat Freeze Treatment

Deaths caused by complication from liposuction has led many people to explore dubious, untested non-invasive means to lose stubborn fat on the body. The internet is flooded with information on shedding the excess fats on the body. Most of these suggested fat loss treatments are not backed by science or approved by doctors. It could be dangerous or even potentially fatal if it disrupts the homeostatic balance of the human body.

People are wired to be as lazy as possible, caving in to shortcuts and easy methods to remove stubborn fast quickly without the need to stick to a torturous gym routine and strict diet.

Hence, we sussed out an effective fat loss treatment in Singapore that can help you restore your svelte silhouette despite the low metabolism and festive feasting.

We talk to Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics, who tells us more about fat freeze treatment – an amazing non-surgical fat loss procedure.

Can you tell us more about fat free treatment?

Fat freeze treatment is a non-invasive procedure that works by selectively freezing the fat tissue, without harming the surrounding healthy tissue and other components of the skin. The medical term for this treatment is called ‘cryolipolysis’.

A probe is used to create a vacuum to pull the excess skin and fat towards the inside of the probe. During the 50-minute treatment, the cold crystallizes the fat cells and causes them to undergo cell death.

A shockwave therapy may be administered to improve the circulation of the treated area so that the fat cells, which are permanently eliminated, will be drained from body via the lymphatic system.

Full results are often visible about 4 to 8 weeks after the treatment. Most people see an improvement of about 20 to 25 percent reduction of fat in the treated area after every session.

Why does fat freeze treatment not affect the surrounding cells?

Studies have shown that low temperature of around -5 to 5°C can induce death of fat cells. Healthy cells and the skin, however, do not get affected with the exposure of the low temperature for up to 60 minutes of treatment.

Does fat freeze treatment actually work? Will the fat cells come back?

“It does not mean that undergoing fat freeze treatment allows you to pig-out and not watch your diet. In fact, combining a healthy diet, light exercises, and fat freeze treatment usually yield the most effective and long-lasting results,” says Dr. Siew.

Fat freeze treatment is also particularly good for people who have fatty deposits in areas that they cannot seem to get rid of it despite the strict exercise and diet regime.

How effective and long-term the fat loss result is entirely dependent on your body type and lifestyle you maintain after the treatment.

Can I combine fat freeze with other body contouring treatments?

It is safe to combine fat loss treatments to achieve better outcome. Doctors may sometimes help women achieve their weight and body shape goals by offering a combination of fat freeze, HIFU fat slimming, and TriLipo body contouring treatment.

You should seek advice from your doctor before you embark on any weight loss program.

What can I do after fat freeze treatment to ensure that the results are longer-lasting?

Watch your calorie intake and reduce your consumption of oily food and sugary products. Weight maintenance is easier to accomplish if you pay close attention to the type of food you eat.

“Eating too much refined carbohydrates, sugar, and oily food can be detrimental to your weight maintenance goals,” says Dr. Siew.

Regular high intensity exercises play an important role in maintaining weight. It may help to burn off calories and increase your metabolism, which are key to achieve a healthier, fitter body.

Radium Medical Aesthetics is a medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore that specializes in non-surgical body contouring and sculpting treatments, including fat freeze, TriLipo, and HIFU slimming.

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