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Radium Signature Scalp Revive

A gentle scalp facial treatment to thoroughly clean and unclog your scalp to make way for healthier, stronger hair growth.

Skin Illumination Facial

Get rid of stubborn, dark pigments with Radium’s Skin Illumination Facial. Designed to reduce appearance of stubborn pigmentation.

Gua Sha Detox Skin Revival Facial

A relaxing facial that uses ancient facial massage technique to purge toxins and waste from your face to restore the glow and radiance.

Bright Eye Facial

Restoring youthful eyes can involve a variety of steps to address ageing around the eye area. Bright Eye Facial helps to reduce fine lines.

Refresh Scalp Peel

A gentle, yet effective chemical peel to dry the pimples and eliminate the top layer of dead skin cells on the scalp.