Botox Skin Refine

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Botox Skin Refine

Pore Reduction Treatment With Botox

A novel way of introducing Botox into the skin via micro-injections for pore reduction and to improve oiliness, giving you more refined skin. Botox Skin Refine is an effective pore reduction treatment by taking effect on the oil glands, sweat glands and pores in the skin, causing them to become less active.

How does Botox pore reduction work?

Botox, approved by FDA as safe and effective, is a treatment for fine line, wrinkles, and other facial abnormality. For people with large pores, Botox is useful in reducing or eliminating the pores for a smoother appearance of the skin. By injecting Botox under the skin, it helps to relax the muscles and tighten the skin, resulting in the elimination of large pores.

As the Botox only works superficially under the skin and not in the muscles, your facial movements will not be affected. When injected superficially in the dermis, it shrinks the pores and reduces oil production. You will notice that your skin becomes smoother and clearer, with noticeable improvements in your skin texture, after the treatment.


  • Smaller pores – Less oily skin
  • Improvement in active acne
  • Smoother skin

Best For

Men and women who are troubled by oily skin with large pores. Great for people who want to improve general skin texture and reduce oiliness on the face.

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