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CO2 laser
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eCO2 Skin Resurfacing

Renew Your Skin with CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Carbon dioxide fractional laser, or commonly referred to as CO2 lasers, are ablative lasers that are used to treat scars, wrinkles, lumps and bumps and other skin flaws.

Although CO2 lasers have been around for the longest time, it remains one of the best and most effective treatments.

What is eCO2 laser?

In particular, the eCO2 Plus laser has a increased safety profile that has less downtime and yield better results as compared to other CO2 lasers – all thanks to its Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™). During the treatment, precise, micro-ablative Columns (MACs) are created, allowing new skin and collagen to grow. The laser generates heat and ablates a specific layer of the skin surface, exposing the skin underneath.

Does CO2 laser really work?

CO2 laser is perhaps one of the most versatile machines that can treat a wide range of skin disorders and ageing issues all at the same time. It not only tightens sagging skin and smooths out wrinkles due to its capability to stimulate collagen production in the skin, it is also able to resurface the face and reduce acne scars and uneven pigmentation.

What is the downtime associated with CO2 laser?

Depending on the setting and power your doctor chooses, it can be an aggressive treatment which may leave your skin red and inflamed for a few days. After the skin heals, you can expect some crusting of the skin for 5-6 days.

What are some risks and side effects of CO2 laser?

You may experience some redness, swelling and itching of the skin. In some severe cases, you may get infection if post-treatment care is not well-managed.

Is CO2 laser treatment painful?

To make the procedure comfortable for you, topical numbing cream will be applied to the skin prior to the laser treatment. You should not feel any pain during the procedure. Once the numbing cream wears off after a few hours, your skin will feel raw and inflamed. Your doctor will instruct you on what needs to be done to take care of your skin during the recovery period.


  • Visible improvement in skin texture
  • Get smoother skin with improvement in depressed acne scars
  • Visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduction in skin pigmentation and dark spots
  • Effective treatment for stretch marks
  • Tighten loose, saggy skin due to collagen stimulation

Best For

Those who are bothered by scars, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This treatment will benefit people who like to renew the skin for a smoother texture and younger appearance.

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