eCO2 Lite Skin Resurfacing

co2 laser skin resurfacing
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eCO2 Lite Skin Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 Laser: Unveiling Healthier, Smoother Skin Through Skin Resurfacing

What Is CO2 laser skin resurfacing?

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing is an effective and popular treatment to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and acne scars. With its effective and precise treatment, it can be used on the delicate eyelid skin and around the mouth. However, we understand that many of you would like to undergo fractional laser skin resurfacing, but cannot afford so many days off work. We hear you, and designed the eCO2 Lite resurfacing treatment so that you can reap the benefits of laser resurfacing, but do not have to endure the long recovery time.

eCO2 Lite is a complexion-refining, skin-restoring treatment which is lighter than the deeper, stronger eCO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. During the treatment, micro-wounds are created in the skin by the laser, allowing your skin to renew itself. All it takes is 3-4 days of mild bronzing before you enjoy smoother, more luminous skin revealing a brand-new you.

Who is a suitable candidate?

People with fine lines or winkles or have shallow scars are generally good candidates for laser resurfacing treatment. This treatment also works very well for people who wish to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores by stimulating the collagen growth.

As laser skin resurfacing laser goes deeper than other laser treatments, it is able to provide better results for deeper wrinkles, scars, and fine lines around the eyes. The laser skin resurfacing laser is suitable for people who are in the 40s to 70s with moderate to serious sun damage with wrinkles.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will see less visible fine lines and wrinkles especially those around the mouth and eyes. Deep-set wrinkles will also soften after a few sessions. When the top layer of the skin has been removed through the skin resurfacing laser, the new skin beneath will reveal a smoother, softer skin with less visible sun damage.

When can I see effects?

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing can be highly customised according to individual’s preference. The laser settings can be deeper to provide an effective treatment against deeper wrinkles. The downtime depends on the settings of the CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment.

Generally, you can see some immediate results but you won’t be able to observe the full results for the next 6 months.

Any side effects?

Some possible side effects include:

  • Redness and swelling immediately after the treatment. However, they should resolve in a few days
  • Hyper pigmentation (changes in skin color) may happen especially in people with darker skin. With proper care, this should resolve quickly
  • Scarring may occur if the treatment settings are unsuitable for the patient

In the hands of an experienced doctor, you should be able to reap the full benefits of a laser skin resurfacing treatment without experiencing any of the side effects above.


  • Lighter, gentler skin resurfacing with minimal downtime
  • More luminous, smoother skin
  • Brighter skin
  • Pore reduction
  • Improved skin texture

Best For

Those who are unable to take the downtime that the eCO2 Skin Resurfacing treatment. People who wish to opt for a gentle skin resurfacing treatment to encourage skin renewal.

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