EverGlow Pigmentation Facial

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EverGlow Pigmentation Facial

Achieve Even Skin Tone by Breaking Down Stubborn Pigments Effectively

Freckles. Solar lentigines. Melasma. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. These are some common types of pesky skin pigmentation that mar your beauty.

Tackle stubborn pigmentation with our customised facial regime which uses medical grade topical treatments to effectively break down stubborn pigments in your skin.

Our EverGlow Pigmentation Facial starts off with a strong pumpkin peel to stimulate cell turnover and increase dermal hydration of the skin. A gentle scrub is applied to the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and to prepare the skin for absorption of pigment-busting topical creams.

A customised blend of clinically proven pigment-reducing serum is applied to decrease UV radiation-induced pigmentation and melasma. This is followed by a stronger pigment corrector cream that contains Cysteamine. When applied on the skin, it reduces melanin in the top layer of the skin, eliminating the appearance of dark spots.

Lastly, the therapist finishes the facial by applying a moisturizer that contains strong actives such as ReviWhite, Arbutin, or Tranexamic Acid from our Glow series that are designed to complement this pigment-reducing facial.

The pigment-reducing treatment not only breaks down the dark pigments on the skin, but also brightens and even out skin tone. If you have dull-looking skin, EverGlow Pigmentation Facial will prove to be a valuable treatment for you.


  • Reduce stubborn pigmentation such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles
  • Restore and rejuvenate dull skin
  • Repair and heal skin from UV damage

Best For

People seeking a targeted and effective treatment for stubborn, dark pigments.

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